How To Organize Your Seasonal Decorations


Organizing your seasonal decorations is often more difficult than organizing anything else in the house. Because you only use them at specific times of the year, your seasonal items usually end up stored high in attics or at the back of closets where they’re difficult to locate–often in a jumble that’s impossible to sort out again. If you want to make your seasonal decorations easier to deal with, try these tips.

Clean Out Your Seasonal Items Every Couple Of Years

How to Organize your Seasonal Decorations

When your children are small, or you’re ill during the holidays, there might be items that you choose not to put out for a year or two. Otherwise, if you don’t use a particular decoration anymore, get rid of it! There’s no sense in letting an item that you don’t use take up valuable space that could be used for decorations that you love.

Put Your Seasonal Decorations Away Carefully

Organize Holiday Decorations

It’s tempting to throw Christmas lights into the box in a snarl and toss Easter eggs halves into a crate without bothering to see if they match. After all, it’s the end of the season, and you’re tired of those decorations and ready to move on to something new. Tossing your seasonal decorations in a box in a jumble, however, will lead to trouble when the season rolls around again next year. Take the time at the end of the season to neatly organize your decorations so that when you need them still, they’ll be clean, unbroken, and comfortable to locate. Sorting items and putting them away neatly also ensures that all of your pieces are stored in one place. That means you won’t have to dig through half a dozen boxes looking for the final part to your nativity scene or hunting for the scarecrow’s hat.

Consider Renting A Self-Storage Facility

Holiday Container Mover

Storage units are a great place to help eliminate color and store your seasonal decorations. For example, if you’re looking for self-storage in Baton Rouge, then companies like The Storage Center is a great solution. No matter where you are, however, a self-storage is a great option for neatly storing away your seasonal decorations until you need them again. Self-storage facilities can also be climate controlled, which will prevent yellowing of the paint on your decorations and other items.

Color By Season

If you want to be able to recognize your seasonal items at a glance no matter what holiday you’re anticipating, try storing your seasonal items by color. Sorting them all at once can be a challenge, because there may not be a lot of colors available. If you pick up storage containers around the holidays, however, they’re often available in appropriate colors: orange and black around Halloween, pastels around Easter, and green and red around Christmas, for example. Storing your seasonal items by color allows you to determine at a glance whether or not you have all the boxes you need to decorate for the holiday.

Use Plenty Of Packing Material

Any time you move delicate seasonal decorations, you run the risk that they’ll be broken. To help keep your decorations intact, make sure that you use plenty of packing material. Paper towels and bubble wrap can be reused to reduce expenses from year to year. When possible, keep the original packaging for your seasonal decorations. Even though it takes up more space, it will also help protect the item and keep it safe no matter how much it’s jostled.

You like a home that is well decorated for the holidays. Over the years, you’ve put together an impressive collection of seasonal decorations. Taking care of those decorations starts with storing them properly. By following these steps, you can improve the life of your seasonal decorations and make it easy to use them year after year.

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