How To Perfectly Remodel Your Bedroom


Your bedroom is or at least should be, your sanctuary, a place of rest away from the trials and efforts of everyday life. It is a room in your house that should make you feel at ease and safe as well as looking good and being practically comfortable as well. Every so often it’s essential to think about remodeling your bedroom as it not only has wear and tear, but styles and fashions change as well. Here we will look at some aspects to consider when changing things around.

Color Scheme

Bedroom Color Scheme

What color scheme you choose is essential for a room like this. Not only do you have to like the color, but it also has to be neutral enough to be calming and soothing as you will want to be relaxed enough to sleep in this room. Even if you have a partner or might do in the future, then you don’t want the scheme to be too out there, this is also true to consider if you might be selling the property on at any point. SO make sure the color speaks to you but is not too unusual.

Choose New Furniture

New Furniture For Bedroom

After the initial color choice, you must consider what furniture will work in the place. There’re two main things to consider in this decision: what do you like and what will suit the style and ambiance of the property? Try and make things match or at the very least work together, you won’t want a solid oak antique dresser and then a flat pack red mirror next to it! Ok, a little extreme example but you get the idea.

Make Sure Everything Is Comfortable

Comfortable Mattress

Again going back to the sanctuary idea, the whole room needs to be comfortable. So if you have chosen a lovely new bed frame, don’t then go cheap on the mattress. You should look for the best mattress 2019 has to offer, and it will be worth every penny to feel comfortable at night and also avoid back problems and injuries associated with old or cheap mattresses.

Consider The Lighting

Bedroom Lighting

Getting the lighting of any room, and especially a bedroom can make or break the look and feel of a room. Light is very much about tying into the emotion of a place. You want it to be soft and not too bright, but also not gloomy either. Are there any features you want to direct light towards such as art on the walls or a desk? Consider a mixture of lamps and overhead lights to get the best effect possible.

Choose New Bedding

New Bedding

Once you have sorted out all of the above may be your bedding doesn’t match the scheme overall now, or maybe it just looks a little bit old, so don’t neglect this final detail and treat yourself to some new crisp sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers. There’s nothing more beautiful than slipping into a crisp, fresh, new set of bedding.

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