How To Pick The Right Curtains For Your Home


Curtains For Your Home

Curtains are the multi-purpose interior shading that plays a huge role in the overall home decor, whether you use them on your windows or decorate your cabinets and wardrobes.

There is so much to choose from the options of blinds & curtains in Dubai, which can be overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips on choosing the ones that will elevate your space and match your style.

  1. Pick The Right Internal Shade.

Many people think the two are synonymous; however, it is good to understand the differences between curtains, drapes, blinds, and internal shades in general. Each of these window treatments is different. Shades are a broad term that can be used for both internal and external shading solutions. When talking about internal shades, we normally divide them into blinds and curtains; however, we should point out drapes as a separate category.

Blinds can be motorized or manually controlled and can generally be divided into Roller blinds, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, Horizontal blinds, Zebra blinds, and Wooden blinds. Curtains are fabric panels made of light materials that normally hang from curtain rods. Drapes are made of thick materials to block out sunlight, which makes them a good choice for bedrooms.

Depending on the purpose of the room, you can choose the type of internal shade you need.

  1. Pick The Best Material.

Curtains come in different fabrics, all of which greatly reflect their look and feel. There are many options for sheer lace, cotton, brocades, or heavy velvet, and they all affect the heaviness, protection from the light, and aesthetics.

Consider the purpose of the space and the amount of light you want coming in, as well as how much control you wish to have over the light (you can always combine sheer curtains and heavy drapes, or blinds and curtains, to give yourself more options). Also, consider the mood and the overall interior decor you wish to maintain. Velvet and other heavy fabrics are good for traditional, classical decor. Modern minimalism prefers light fabrics.

Another thing to keep in mind as some fabrics require more care than others. Low-maintenance fabrics such as cotton or synthetics only need to be washed twice a year, and this can be done using a washing machine (if unlined). In addition, they don’t collect much dust, so they’re good for people with allergies.

High-maintenance fabrics need to be washed often, often using hands or dry cleaning, the latter being the case for all curtains with pleats and swags, regardless of the fabric. Wool, silk, and sheer curtains can be hand-washed but need great care.

  1. Pick The Right Length.

The current trend favors floor-length curtains again, and you can go even longer for a very dramatic, romantic look. But there are practical benefits to shorter curtains, especially for people with pets and kids.

Curtains that end at the sill are a traditional solution for smaller windows, but the final choice depends on your preferences. There is no fixed rule.

  1. Pick The Best Width

The perfect width depends on the width of the windowpane or door. You can measure the frame and multiply it by 2 – the extra fabric will achieve the gathered look when the curtains or drapes are pulled back.

  1. Pick The Layers

This choice is about functionality – if the curtain is on a window that gets direct sunlight, it could be wise to have a protective lining that makes the curtain more opaque while improving its durability. Two layers, sheer and opaque, will provide you with options to choose the amount of privacy and light you are comfortable with.

  1. Pick Your Color

Colors can be very subjective, but they carry some common associations that greatly affect our emotions and perception of space. When choosing the right color, it is essential to match it with your furniture and the wall and floor colors. You can decide whether to go for a complementary color that creates a look pleasant to the eye or whether to use your curtains to create a stark contrast and catch the eye.

  1. Pick The Right Pattern.

The decision about whether or not to go with a patterned curtain or a monochrome is again dependent on your home decor. Too many different patterns are put together to fight for attention and can be tiring to the eye, so if you have patterned furniture, carpets, or other elements, you might want to go with a nice monochrome.

On the other hand, if your room is relatively consistent and most elements are in a solid color, a nice pattern on the curtain can elevate the space immensely.

You can take it one step further and pair your curtains with your cushions and rugs.

As for what type of print to choose, trust your taste! Florals are lovely for a modern classic and traditional style. Geometric patterns look great in contemporary decor. And, of course, nothing stops you from taking an out-of-the-box quirky print – as long as it doesn’t clash with your furniture.

  1. Pick The Ideal Trim

Trims and accessories for curtains can involve valances, ornamental curtain tracks, or pull-backs. These elements can add an element of luxury and opulence. Valances can really beautify the room, while the standard pull-back makes some fabrics look very sleek and elegant.


It seems there is a lot to consider when buying curtains, and these tips should help you understand what to look for. But if you are looking for quality curtains in Dubai, you should get good advice and consultation from the provider.

Ultimately, while there are some good rules and tips to follow in interior decor, it is important to pick the items you like, which are also functional and practical and create a comfortable home environment.

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