How To Pick Your Dream Chandelier


Let’s face it, the impression that your room gives is mostly dictated by two things, room’s design, colors and equipment on one side, and light as a completely separate category. What this means is that a light solution in your home is far more important than you at first might believe it to be. However, this also means that one of the most important things in your room is your chandelier. Why? Because it greatly affects even determines both factors that determine your room’s stylistic Impression.

It is also a widely known fact that there is no better way to shed some beautiful light on your darkroom than to enhance it with a chandelier that is most suitable for the job. Although they were present through entire history as the ultimate source of light in rooms and great halls, the modern era of ceiling lights still hasn’t managed to suppress their popularity. Here are a few tips on how to pick your dream chandelier.

The Height Of Your Room


There are numerous reasons why you wouldn’t be content with the height of the ceiling in your room. It could be too high and make your room appear empty and dull, or it can be too low and make your room look condensed and tiny. Still, there is no reason for you’re to despair, although, indeed, you cannot change how high or low your ceiling is. You can influence how others perceive it.

There are many tricks to make your ceiling look higher, but only one to make it look a bit lower. We are, of course, talking about the choice of the right low chandelier. This way, you will make the ceiling of the room, closer to the other furniture and solve the problem of a ceiling that is too high once and for all.

Pick A Chandelier To Fit Your Style Or Theme

Contemporary Chandeliers

This is something that is completely up to you but should in no way be considered to be easy. What you need is to decide what impression you want your guests to have of your home and pick the right chandelier for the job. Pick a luxurious and extravagant chandelier for your home or go with something a bit more modern. When it comes to this type of chandelier, there are some great choices in Sydney lighting stores.

There is a wide choice of the elongated rectangular chandeliers that, if matched properly with your room, are bound to create a unique setting that is highly unlikely to be met anywhere else. You can also go with a bit more traditional crystal chandelier, and here too you will have a great variety of choices. In the end, chandeliers also come in many different sizes, so it would be best to pick one that won’t look out of proportions in your room.

The Light

Rhododendron Chandelier

In the end, there is one more important thing that you need to have in mind, and that is that the chandelier is usually the most important light source in the room and should be chosen according to this. Pick a chandelier that works best in agreement with your natural and other artificial light sources, and you will certainly nor regret it.

The choice of the right chandelier can mean a world for the general appearance of your room and the impression that it leaves. This is why, when choosing the chandelier, you must give the task at hand your full and undivided attention.

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