How To Plan For Your Photo Wedding Invitations


Creating the perfect photo wedding invitation to let everyone know about your special day can be tough with all the different options available. To make it easier, you can choose those photos that have some special memories connected to them. In case you do not have past photos, you can go for a pre-wedding shoot as well. There are multiple options to choose from. Once you plan the photos on the card, you need to do a people search for whom you want to invite. That will make your task easier to find the people you want to invite.

Book your wedding invitation card that will cover your story and impress your friends and family. The following tips will make things a little easier when designing your wedding invitations with photos.

Create The Perfect Guest List

Create the Perfect Guest List

A good guest list should not be something that is rushed. You need more than a day to put it together. You may also need to create it in Microsoft Excel because you will be using this for various things, and it will make it easy to change in excel when guests have changed their residential address recently.

The aim of creating a list is that you can be sure no one gets left out and that your invites get delivered to everyone on time. Once you have the entire list, either have your invitation print company print the address on the envelope for you or print labels yourself to avoid any mistakes that could happen by handwriting the guest’s address.

Set A Budget

Set A Budget

When creating your invites, you need to budget enough for your invitation. Invitations to your big day don’t need to be too costly to make a great impression, but you can order 10% more than what you need. It will save you a ton of potential headaches. No matter how well you plan, you’ll always need a few extra invitations, and it will save you money in the long run instead of having to pay to reprint 5-10 invitations. So, calculate your invitation list and stick to your budget no matter what else you do.


Wedding Invitation Card Material

Another main task will be choosing the appropriate paper type based on paper weight and thickness. To choose the right paper type, consider how much you’re willing to spend and the tone you want to set for the wedding. A paper is weighing 100 to 110 lbs it will give off a professional look and also allow you to mail your invitations with a single stamp.

Each paper type gives off a different look and feel. A linen finish gives your wedding invitations a luxuriously textured finish, while a thicker paper gives an expensive impression.

Choosing The Photos

Childhood Pictures In Wedding Card

When it comes to the photos, you must choose them carefully. Try using a few pictures to tell a story with the pictures. You can certainly work with a photographer to create a set of photos you want.

You can as well choose some photos you have taken in the past. It will be interesting to put a picture you received when you were still a child at the wedding invitations. It will make the card attractive. Some brides and grooms may take some pre-wedding photos. If you are going to do so, it will be perfect for you to put these photos on the invitation card. It will undoubtedly make the cards more personal. If you don’t know how to design a wedding invitation, you can contact a professional photo editing service to get high-quality results within the shortest time possible.

Know Your Colors

Wedding Invitation Card Color Selection

Choosing your wedding colors is the first step when planning your wedding. Most couples prefer to integrate those colors throughout the marriage, even in their wedding invitations. Go for colors that contrast with the wording in the invite to allow legibility. Download free wedding invitation templates to create the invitation of your dreams in several minutes without wasting money on designers.

It’s essential to start creating your wedding invitations early. Designing and ordering soon will accommodate regular shipping time and avoid paying rush charges. For correctly done, invitees opt for Mixbook wedding invitations with photos.

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