How To Plan The Perfect Romantic Dinner


You and your spouse should enjoy romantic times together and do so regularly. Of course, the rush of day-to-day life can make carving out time for romantic interludes challenging. Understanding these realities, there are some tactics and tips you can utilize to plan and enjoy a romantic dinner at home.

Arrange For An Empty Home

Romantic Dinner Table Decor

The first step you need to take in advance of a romantic dinner is to make sure you and your spouse will have your home to yourselves. If you have children, make sure that you proactively make childcare arrangements for your kids at someone else’s home.

Odds are you’ve friends in the same boat as you and your spouse, people who have kids and would like to have a romantic dinner at their own homes. You might be able to coordinate with a couple and switch off taking care of each other’s children for a romantic dinner.

Make Sure Schedules Are Free

Romantic Dates Arrangement

Although this sounds like an obvious point, make sure you and your spouse’s schedules are clear. A surprising number of couples don’t specifically check their schedules for the night of a proposed romantic dinner. These people assume availability and, without verifying, end up making mistakes regarding availability.

Surprise Or No Surprise

Dinner Surprise

Another issue to determine is whether or not you want a romantic dinner to be a surprise for your spouse. A surprise romantic dinner can be delightful and memorable.

If you go this route, it becomes even more important to make sure not only that your spouse’s schedule is clear when you start secretly planning a romantic dinner, but you need to make sure it remains open. You need to ensure that your spouse’s schedule remains open, with that person knowing what you are doing.

Create A Lovely Tablescape

A romantic dinner at home demands a lovely tablescape. Pull out your finest when it comes to dinnerware, silver, and crystal. Add flowers to the table and unscented candles (so there is no interference with the smell of the blossoms and the food). If your dining set isn’t up to scratch, invest in good dinnerware from brands like online. Despite their aesthetic appeal, high-quality melamine dinner plate sets are great for indoor and outdoor use; they will not chip or crack easily and can be used daily.

You might want to take a bit of time to add a seasonal flair to the overall table. For example, if the romantic dinner is going to be during the winter holiday season, you can add something unique that reflects whatever holidays you celebrate.

If it’s summertime, consider setting a more formal table on the patio. Use your finest, but take it all outside to make the romantic dinner even more memorable.

Select A Romantic Dinner Venue

Romantic Dinner Venue

If you enjoy cooking, you can prepare the meal yourself. If you and your spouse both enjoy cooking, preparing a meal together can be romantic.

No matter the course of preparation, you do want to focus on special items for the menu. You don’t want it to be a proverbial “everyday meal.”

In this day and age, if you live in a mid-size to a large community, you probably can order almost any type of menu item imaginable. In other words, you can enjoy a romantic dinner delivered to your home and have more time to enjoy the occasion fully.

Romantic Dinner Music

Romantic Dinner Music

Don’t forget about suitable romantic dinner music. You have several different ways you can go in this regard.

You can go with instrumental selections, something a bit lowkey. You can select a playlist of love songs. You can pick a playlist that includes favorites that you share with your spouse. Indeed, consider making a playlist of popular tunes when you and you are first getting together.

Select Appropriate Lighting

Appropriate Lighting

As you plan a romantic dinner at home, consider lighting. Perhaps more than anything else, lighting sets the overall mode.

You may already have suitable lighting options available in your dining room or on your patio. If not, you can play up candles, perhaps adding more than what you place on the table. Strings of white light can also enhance the feeling and mood of the dinner.

Depending on the season, and the design of your home, a glowing fire in the fireplace can be magical. If you are dining outside, strings of lights, tiki torches, or a fire pit can make for a fantastic glow for a romantic dinner.

Dump The Technology

Dump The Technology

Turn off all the technology. This includes everything from mobile devices to televisions to computers. Take a break from the world when you have a special romantic dinner with your significant other.

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