How To Prepare Your Mobile Home For A Fast Sale?


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You’ve lived in your mobile home for the past few years and enjoyed a cozy and low-key house lifestyle. But like anything else, it’s probably about time to sell it for some reason. It could be that you’re moving for a new job, you need extra cash to cover an emergency, or you want to trade up your mobile home for a site-built house.

Whatever your reason for selling, the process can be quick and easy when you have a good plan in place. There are multiple ways to do it, but if you want to sell quickly, there are certain things you need to factor in.

Have Your Documents Ready

If you’re planning to sell your mobile home fast, it’s essential to have your documents ready. But first, you must figure out whether you want to sell it as real or personal property.

If you’re thinking of selling it as real property, you have to de-title your mobile home to classify it as real estate. It’s to ensure that the buyer has a deed that guarantees a clear title for both the mobile home and the land where it’s affixed. Make sure to get all other necessary documents to speed up your sale.

A tax clearance letter from your country treasurer’s office will serve as proof that all taxes for the mobile home have been paid. It’s also essential to have a mobile home sale contract to protect you and the buyer from legal action. If you don’t take care of such documents in advance, it might delay the process of selling.

Do A Mobile Home Inspection

Although the buyers will likely get the most benefit from a mobile home inspection, it can be just as beneficial to you as a seller. Taking a careful look at your mobile home from an outsider’s perspective is essential to find out any issues that may affect its value or put off potential buyers.

Note that your mobile home must also comply with the code set out by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Else, many buyers won’t consider it as they might not get financing if the home is not compliant with the HUD code. So, if you want to sell your mobile faster, try getting a certified inspector and making the necessary changes or repairs.

Price Your Mobile Home Right

Another key to selling your mobile home fast is pricing it right. Although it’s quite the same as those of houses built on-site, certain factors might relatively affect the price. Similar to any other home, the location of a mobile home is a big factor in pricing. When it’s situated in a desirable location with good amenities, the value will likely scale up.

The land where your mobile home is situated can also impact your pricing. The home can be classified as real estate if you own it, and it will have more value. But it’s worthless if it sits on a rented mobile home park. The model, size, and condition are also factors worth considering to come up with the right price.

Remember that going too high when it comes to pricing your mobile can drive potential buyers away, and having it too low can appear like something is wrong with it. Make sure to get a clear picture of the mobile home market in your park and zip code.

Be Open And Honest

Openness and honesty are crucial elements when selling your mobile home. Keep in mind that you have a legal obligation to inform buyers of what they can expect from the property. They have the right to know the actual condition of the mobile they are buying. If there are any significant issues found during the inspection, you’re obliged by the law to disclose them.

Note that potential buyers might be more confident to purchase if you’re open and honest since you’re not hiding anything. You don’t have to mislead or lie to a buyer to make a fast sale. Because regardless of the condition of your mobile home, the right buyer will take it at the right price.

Get Professional Help

Selling your mobile home fast can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you don’t have any background on the market. But you don’t need to do it alone. If you want to save time and spare yourself from further stress and hassle, you can get help from a mobile home dealer or broker.

But if you want to make a sale faster, companies like Sundae are worth checking out. They can connect you to real estate investors looking to buy homes in any condition. It might be an excellent option if you want to sell your mobile as-is quickly.

Sell Your Mobile Home With Confidence

It may take some time and effort to prepare your mobile home for sale and can get more stressful if you have to do it in a shorter timeline. But regardless, it’s essential to sell it with confidence. Comb it over from top to bottom and connect with the right people who will likely see and pay for what it is worth.

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