How To Prepare Your Yard For A Swing Set


Swing Set

Your kids are probably ecstatic about the thought of getting a swing set. As a parent, safety is always our priority, and swing set installation should be prepared thoroughly to ensure safety and avoid injury shortly.

Any injury can happen in your yard. Even when there are people who will install the swing set, you still have t,o make sure everything in your yard is safe and free from any hazards. Here are things you need to ensure safety in the yard for a vuly swing set installation.

Find A Safe Area

The first step in preparing the yard is to find a safe area in the yard where children can play. Look for any wires, trees, or roofing materials—a place where no stones or rocks is preferable.

Check For Any Holes

Take a walk in your yard and do a complete inspection. Look for loose soil and check under the grass or corners that might contain hidden holes. Even a small hole can cause serious injuries. Once you discover any holes, cover them immediately.

Level The Ground

Every yard presents different concerns, but you need to level the ground before installing a playset as a general rule. Leveling the ground is not easy because it takes a lot of digging. You can either hire a professional to prepare the ground or choose to do it yourself. If you pick the latter, then you’ll need a little planning and a lot of effort.

First, dig and remove the excess soil that is creating an uneven surface. This is not a difficult process to plan, but executing it means burning many calories at the end of the day. Moreover, it is free since you’ll be doing the work. Remember that when you level the soil too much, it can be a problem during the rainy season.

Knowing the dimension of the swing set can give you an idea of how big is the portion that you need to level. Allocate a few feet or inches of the ground so you’ll have some allowance to work around the swing set. Take into consideration when the swings are in full motion. Make sure there are no obstructions that can cause harm.

To make the job easier, you can pour water a few hours before the digging. It will soften the soil and reduce dust when working. However, avoid making the soil muddy. Moisture can lessen the amount of energy exerted during digging.

Before the leveling, find the lowest part of the area. Look around and use a wooden board if you are unsure. It will help in determining which part of the area is uneven and low. Once you are able to detect the lowest part, dig 2 inches deep for an even and stable surface. Start from there and move in a pattern. You can also put a marker for areas that are completed. To check if the area is level, use a wooden beam and a flathead shovel. Repeat the process until you’ve covered all the areas.

Want To Add Rubber Mulch?

Once you’re done with the leveling, you can improve safety by putting rubber mulch in the designated enclosure. Aside from rubber, you can also choose vinyl or wooden. However, rubber is considered the best option since it is weatherproof and safer for children.

The thicker the mulch, the better since it will provide better protection for children when they fall. A minimum of four inches of thickness can reduce the impact of falls.

You’ll need to make edging on the enclosure to avoid the rubber from seeping. You can use wood, plastic, or bricks to create the edges. For reinforcement, you can add a concrete block to support the swing set.

Why Do You Need To Level The Ground?

Leveling the ground is mainly for the safety of those children who will be playing with the swing. When the set is not on level ground, it will cause instability, and this will cause the set to tip-off. Strong wind or heavy storms can blow the playset off balance. When this happens, any child can get a severe injury.

When the swing set is not on a level surface, it will add additional stress on the joints and hardware. Eventually, it will break down. Uneven levels can shorten the lifespan of the playset. Furthermore, your warranty can be voided if you do not follow the instruction of putting it on level ground.

If you find the steps of preparing your yard overwhelming or do not have the time and energy, hire people who can help you get the preparation started. You wouldn’t want to compromise the safety of your children.

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