How To Pressure Wash A Brick House: Complete Step By Step Guide

On May 1, 2018 by Preeti Shah

Let’s face it. Any kind of exterior gets dingy over time including the brick wall of your house. You might be passing a hard time cleaning that unwanted stuff. But, here you will learn how to pressure wash a brick house.

Choosing a Pressure Washer

For pressure washing the bricks, you are going to need a pressure washer in the first place. The PSI of a pressure washer will play a key role in the washing. People make a mistake right here.

Experts suggest choosing a washer within 2000 PSI range. If you choose a 5000 PSI pressure washer, it might scar up the brick and cause you extra bucks. If you have a pressure washer for washing cars, that is going to be a bonus. 2000 is ideal pressure washer psi for brick. Still, if you have different pressure washer always stay under 3000 PSI.

Preparing The Brick wall for Pressure Washing

Surface preparation is very important for pressure washing a brick wall. Why? Because, you do not want to let the water pass through the outer surface. This can cause huge damage to the wall. Follow these steps for avoiding any internal damage.

  1. Apply Mortar: Brick mortars can be damaged over time. Look for missing mortars between the bricks. Apply new mortar between the bricks where needed. Let the mortar dry for four to five days. This will give the best result.
  2. Clear the Area: As long as you want the fun of pressure washing, please make the area clear of obstacles. Pressure washing might damage your favorite garden flower.
  3. Gentle Wash: Brick is a porous material. You might not want the detergent to be soaked in the brick wall. To avoid this gently spray water on the brick wall to make it wet enough.

Pressure Washing the Brick Wall

Pressure Washing the Brick Wall

  1. Load With Detergent: Load the pressure washer detergent tank with proper detergent for cleaning brick. Choose a detergent that is appropriate for brick washing. If you do not use an appropriate detergent there may still be some dirt left on the mortars.
  2. Spray the detergent: Key to a proper brick pressure washing is using more detergent and water. As you already know, detergent and water will be soaked a little bit you need to use more detergent. Spray the mixture with minimum pressure and leave it for a while without letting it dry. Spray properly from bottom to top with detergent.
  3. Use a Brush: If there is really stubborn dirt in the mortar, use a strong brush to rub those places.
  4. Start Pressure Wash: Start from the bottom with your pressure washer spray. Always maintain some distance from the brick. Too close means too much pressure. Properly wash off the detergents from the bricks.

You might need to do the pressure washing process once again for your desired result. First wash may not be as good as you dreamed about due to heavy stains. This is the best way to clean brick house.

Finish your job by using some sealant if possible. This will help in blocking water entering the inner side of the wall.


Always remember to use pressure washer safety tips that come with the manual. Safety shoes and goggles are mandatory for using a pressure washer.

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