How To Prevent Your Homes From Flooding Using Sump Pump


Prevent Your Homes From Flooding Using Sump Pump

Flood comes with so much destruction, but the flooded basement is one of the most significant problems it causes because the water from the roads will eventually flow to the river and the sea. But the water in the basement which is going to stay there for weeks will not only destroy your furniture and electric devices, but it can also damage the base on which the whole house is constructed.

Accumulated water in the basement can be an alarming situation as water has hydraulic power which can weaken the bases. There are some ways to prevent the expected damage from the flood.

  • Fill all the cracks with some coating so that the water cannot enter your house through cracks.
  • The circuit, switches, and sockets should be one foot above the ground it will lessen the electricity damage you can face.
  • Do install the check valve in the pipelines on the entrance to the house so that the water pressure can be maintained.
  • Check that if your ground is more tilted towards the house, so you have to take care of that by levelling the lawn so that the water won’t flow towards the house.
  • Maintain your sewerage system and the pipelines, remove all the debris from the pipes so that they may not overflow in the flood times.
  • Install the vent pumps to make the water reach out to your house.

One of the best ways to prevent flooding is to use a sump pump. It flows the water out of your house, won’t let the moisture stay in the basement. Utilising a premium sump pump should be your priority because it can save your place from destruction as well as the financial loss. And there are two types of sump pump that can be used.

  • A submersible sump pump is that type of sump pump which is mostly visible from above the surface. And keep the surface dry and protect the house from destruction. It is more efficient than the other one and is safer for clogging.
  • Pedestal sump pump, as the name shows, it sits on the pedestal and protects the motor from getting wet, a pedestal sump pump is cheaper and durable for a more extended period.

They have a floating ball, which shows the level, above which the sump pump stops working and throws the water out of the basement.

How Does Sump Pump Work?

How Does Sump Pump Work?

Sump pump consists of a sump pit with a hole almost 2 feet in depth and 18 inches wide, the pump is mostly installed to the lowest part of the basement according to the flow of the water. When the pit gets filled, it turns the pump on, and pit moves the water out of the basement through pipes. The check valve on the end of the hose makes sure that the water does not flow back to the pit because the tubes are one-way.

The turning on the point of a sump pump works with the float activator arm or the pressure sensor. Just like the name suggests, the water pressure activates the pump whereas the float activator works like the toilet tank, which has that buoyant ball. The buoyant balls hang with the tank making the pump to turn on when the water level reaches to the top.

Manual sump pumps are also available in the market, they only work when you decide them to work, but these are not so famous.

These pumps work on the principle of centrifugation when the water level rises the impeller, which is a fan like component of the pump starts its work. Using the method of centrifugation the impeller moves the water to the side pipes, it lowers the pressure in the center.

Sump pumps are the need of the hour, especially in the areas which are on the red zone, investment of 400-500 dollars can be much beneficial than the loss you will be facing or the finance you were going to face shortly.

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