How To Protect Your Floors During Your Move


Protect Your Floors

Whether you are moving to your newly bought home or a rented one, you would want to keep everything looks perfect and the house you will be moving out of. You wouldn’t want any damage to it and risk not getting your security deposit. However, during the moving process, your home can be susceptible to damage, especially your floors. With movers and packers coming in and out of your new home to carry all your belongings inside, it is sometimes hard to keep your floors from getting scratches and dents.

You can avoid this nightmare from happening. Read the tips below on how you can protect the floors during your move from your trusted movers and packers in Dubai.

Cover Your Floors

Whether you have a hardwood floor or tiled floor, it is always best to cover the floor area where you and your movers will be working. You can use protective runners, heavy-duty floor mats, even old carpets or tarps to cover your floors. This way, you can keep any dirt and water away from your floor, and you can also protect your floor’s delicate surface from any scratched and dents. 

Avoid Dragging Furniture

Most type of flooring has a delicate surface, that is why you should never drag your items across your floor, even when your floor is covered. The most basic thing to do is to carry any items that you can and use moving dollies (with rubber wheels) to move those that are too heavy for you to carry.

Measure Beforehand

Don’t make the same mistake Ross made trying to move his couch. Shouting “pivot” will have little to no help when trying to move a large piece of furniture through a narrow hallway or stairway. There’s a big risk of accidentally dropping your furniture, which can lead to damaging not only your precious furniture but also your floor. Measure beforehand so you can plan ahead and avoid any the mistake he made.

Use Heavy-Duty Doormats

When it’s raining or snowing, you should be extremely careful not to track any mud or water inside your new home. These elements can cause damage to your floors. Place a heavy-duty doormat at your front door so that people coming into your home can wipe off their shoes before entering. The scratchier your doormat is, the more effective it is in removing dirt from footwear.

Pack Your Items Properly.

Packing your items safely can greatly help in protecting your floors against any damage. Incorrect packing of a moving box can lead to it breaking when you or your movers try to shift it. One of the most common reasons floors get damaged during a move is the accidental dropping off of any items. Be sure to use sturdy boxes, especially for your heavy items. Avoid packing your boxes for more than 20 pounds, and make sure to shut the boxes properly to avoid any spilling of their contents. Use a small box to pack heavy items, so you don’t put too much weight on them, and a medium to large box for lighter items. If you aren’t confident enough in packing your belongings, you can also call help from trusted packers and movers in Dubai. 

Hire Trusted Movers In Dubai To Move Your Items

Movers have a lot of experience moving homes, and they, therefore, know what are the best practices to avoid your floors from getting any damage. They also have equipment like moving dollies, which helps a lot in making your move efficient and but still safe for your floors. When hiring movers, be sure to collect as many quotes as possible, so you have a good range to choose from. If you need help in finding a trustworthy moving company in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, Wise Move can help you gather multiple quotes from trusted and cheap movers in Dubai by submitting one quote request.

Never risk damage to your floors, and take precautions when moving home. Follow these simple tips to keep your floors in great condition.

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