How To Protect Your Home And Family With A Security System


You’ve chosen the replacement bathroom tiles, a new set of curtains for the living area, and other details of your home makeover project. But have you made plans for your home security? The University of North Carolina at Charlotte reported that about 60 percent of convicted burglars skip a target that has a security system. Putting up signages to fool lurking burglars, however, will not cut it. Today’s criminals are smarter and more equipped. You’ll be left defenseless if they call your bluff.

How can you incorporate the elements of home security into your home design? Here are some of tips in choosing the alarms, cameras, and other home protection equipment.

Hardwired Or Wireless

What you should know about security systems? First, you should be aware that there are two major types of home security system: hardwired and wireless. Hardwired uses cables to connect devices and phone lines to link to a monitoring system. It’s affordable, though requires more work in installing and removing. A wireless system uses broadband or cellular connection, and it is more preferred by people living in rented apartments. Wireless systems may cost a little more than hardwired systems but they offer greater peace of mind. A burglar can easily breach a hardwired house security system by physically cutting off the cables and phone lines. However, this kind of system can be a reliable backup if your broadband network isn’t working well.

The Honeywell wireless security system kit offers both hardwired and wireless systems so you can install both for greater protection. The kits include user-friendly keypads that feature voice annunciation, built-in wireless receiver, and Z-Wave home automation controllers. The Honeywell’s wireless sensors suit any interior design because they are compact and hidden from sight.

Reliable Defense For Doors And Windows

Reliable Defense For Doors And Windows
Security specialists warn that most burglars enter through the front door. Moreover, about 30 percent of break-ins happen through an open or unlocked window or door. The most basic, but remains the most important, is installing a strong lock.

In choosing the right locks and deadbolts, take note of the ANSI grading system which has three grades. Grade 1 is the highest grade security available. It uses door knobs that can withstand 6 door strikes and deadbolts that pass a 10-door strike hammer test. It meets the requirements for commercial buildings. Grade 2 includes knobs that can withstand 4 door strikes and deadbolts that pass a 5-door strike hammer test. Grade 3, which is installed in many homes, involve knobs and deadbolts that can withstand 2 door strikes.

For additional protection, you may want to consider home automation that features network-enabled devices. You can link the lighting in the living room to smart locks on the front door. The lights will automatically turn off when the door is unlocked.

To protect smaller entry points such as windows, you can install contacts. There are hardwired and wireless contacts that come in various shapes and sizes. Recessed contacts are installed by drilling a home hole into the door jamb or window sill for the reel switch and into the door or window for the magnet. Surface mount contacts require screws or adhesive tape. You can also explore window venting contacts and special trigger bars.

If you don’t want to drill holes on your mahogany door, you can opt for wireless door and window contacts that virtually disappear when installed. This wireless option is perfect if you wish to change your interior design occasionally.

Trending Security Cameras For Your Home

Security Cameras For Your HomeHow to select a security home system that matches your home décor? You may not find a vintage-style surveillance camera to fit your French Country interior design, but you can score powerful cameras in sleek designs. Check out the trending smart home cameras for 2018.

The Arlo Pro 2 includes two wireless, weatherproof cameras that stream and record crisp HD videos, 2-way audio that allows you to listen and talk through the camera via your smartphone, and smart security siren. This top-rated home security device also has motion and sound detection features, night vision, and AI-compatibility. You can control your Arlo Pro 2 through Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, among others.

The Hive View security camera comes in stylish black/copper or white/champagne stand that blends into any interior design theme. It features HD recording with a 130-degree field-of-view, motion and sound notifications, and 24 hours of storage of saved video clips.

The Logitech Circle 2 prides itself as “the weatherproof, wired or wire-free home security camera you can set up in minutes.” It features a 180-degree field-of-view, night vision that is visible up to 15 feet, and smart alerts on your smartphone. Like most smart cameras today, Logitech Circle 2 may be integrated with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant.

Boost Your Home Security With A Monitoring Service

Boost Your Home Security With A Monitoring Service
Do you know that 65 percent of break-ins occur when your home is typically unoccupied between 6 AM and 6 PM? Typically, people rely on their neighbors to alert authorities, but you have a better option: sign up for a monitoring service.

How does a home monitoring service work? Once your devices such as cameras and sensors detect a threat, it notifies a monitoring center which in turn attempts to confirm the emergency with you. If you confirm or fails to respond within a specified time, the center will alert authorities for immediate response. You can connect your home security system to a monitoring hub via landline, broadband or cellular connection.

Who doesn’t want an aesthetically pleasing home? There’s nothing like an interior design that suits your taste and interests, quality furniture and appliances, and an overall relaxing environment. But your living space can only be a haven of relaxation with a well-equipped security system. Install alarms and motion sensors, purchase powerful surveillance cameras, and consider signing up for a monitoring service. Ensure your peace of mind with the right security system at home.

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