How To Recreate The Hotel Experience At Home


Having to rent a room at a hotel defines the true meaning of luxury. You’d be able to get an incredibly comfortable bed, and the lights are in warm white, adding a hint of brilliance. Plus, hotel service is just a phone call away, the minibar is available, which offers delicious treats, and don’t forget the big and glamorous bathroom. The setup only calls for pure glam and luxury.

However, it’ll be costly to book a hotel room every night or even during the weekends. But what can you do when you miss the hotel experience so badly? Here’s an idea: recreate the hotel experience at home.

Who says you have to check-in at a hotel to experience all the good stuff when you can fully have them at home? Listed below are ways on how you can have your own hotel experience at home:

Improve Air Conditioning

Low Sleek Air Conditioner

Hotels aim to provide proper ventilation and air conditioning to every room as much as possible. With this, guests would feel extremely comfortable as great air conditioning adds luxe to a hotel experience. What you can do is add low-sleek air conditioners often found in hotels to give you proper cooling and heating in a single unit.

PTACs are most often found in hotel rooms for they provide excellent yet cost-efficient service so they wouldn’t burn your pockets. PTACs also run with a quiet sound so you wouldn’t feel the machine rumbling compared to your AC at home.

Upgrade Your Mattress And Bedding


Most hotels invest in top-of-the-line bedding, and it has a purpose. About 80-90% of the time, guests are in the hotel room. They will be lying on the bed while watching tv or having an enjoyable conversation with family or friends. When you lay on your hotel mattress, you expect it to be comfortably soft with a little touch of heaven.

You can incorporate that feeling with your bed by having a pillow-top mattress and change your beddings into cotton sheets with a high thread count, which will allow you to feel the soft fabric brush against your skin. To complete the hotel look, go for all-white bedding, and spray some fabric softener for a refreshing smell. You can also use triple sheeting, which is composed of blankets, sheets, and bedspread. With this, you’ll be able to have the hotel experience and look in your room.

Acquire Plush Bathrobe And Soft Slippers

Plush Bathrobe

When you book for a hotel room, seeing the crisp white and plush bathrobe with soft slippers on their built-in cabinet looks so comfortable to wear. When you know they’re present in your hotel room and they come in excellent quality, you know you’re being showered with luxury.

With a plush-waffle bathrobe, you’ll be able to feel comfortable as you dry, for this has ultra-soft fabric that’s amazing on your skin. Along with this, it can also absorb water like a sponge so you can dry quickly.

With the soft slippers, imagine using them around your room. They’re incredibly cozy to wear, and you’ll enjoy them on your feet! It’s like you’re walking on the hotel’s carpeted floor.

White Towels

White Towels

Hotels often choose white fabric for almost anything, as that’ll help you guarantee that they’re providing clean towels, beddings, and bathrobes every single time. An exceptional hotel has a fluffy white towel that’s ultimately thick, absorbing water effectively, allowing you to dry up fast.

Coffee Corner

Coffee Corner

Many hotel rooms provide a coffee corner where it includes either an electric pot or a coffeemaker. You can have your small nook in a specific part of your room that allows you to quickly enjoy a cup of joe the moment you wake up.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers

Not everyone has them, but having fresh flowers in your room helps lighten up your space, making it both stylish and homey at the same time. On a regular household, fresh flowers are available in the living room and dining area. While adding fresh flowers in your bedroom might be different, it’ll help you have a pleasant hotel experience and help put a smile on your face as you wake up.



Of course, who wouldn’t enjoy a minibar? While items might be expensive in the hotel rooms, they’re much cheaper when it’s in your home! You can easily purchase a mini-fridge for around USD 50-100, and you’ll be able to have the minibar experience at home. You can stock it up with your favorite beverages and chocolates. You can also add a few food items on top to allow yourself to munch without leaving your bedroom.


Experiencing the posh hotel feel in your home is simple if you incorporate the key elements of what makes a hotel a hotel. Prioritize your mattress and bedding, the usual highlight of such cozy hotel rooms. On top of this, you should try to have soft lighting and calm interiors to capture the whole hotel vibe right in your bedroom.

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