How To Remove A Metal Door Frame?


How To Remove A Metal Door Frame

Metal door frames are used for swinging doors to mount, lock, and open. You may have seen metal door frames in commercial buildings, and the door frames are hollow.

There are two kinds of metal door frames, such as metal door frames for knockdown and welded metal door frames. However, it is not easy to remove the frame. Here in the following part, you will find how to remove a metal door frame. Keep reading.

How To Remove A Metal Door Frame Easily?

Before starting the process, you must know what kind of door frame you are dealing with. Then it will be easy for you to remove the frame to fix it. So here, we have separated the process according to the type of door. Let’s see.

Things you will need to remove a metal door frame. (Those are common for all doors)

  • Hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Drill
  • Sawzall
  • Hacksaw

Knockdown Metal Door Frame

If you are dealing with a knockdown metal door frame, the frame must be mounted beforehand. In addition, you need to see any screws on the frame’s face to define a knockdown frame.

By removing the screws from the door hinges, you may begin removing the door frame. To loosen the screws, you can also use a manual drill since it would be easy to use electric drills.

Pull the jams off the wall by hand after removing all the screws. If you can’t pry away the jams, if appropriate, use a pry bar or crowbar.

Welded Metal Door Frame

What if you’re dealing with a metal door frame, welded? It’s not convenient to remove the welded metal door frame because the frame with a pry bar or crowbar won’t come off.

First, scrutinize the door. If the door is anchored somewhere else that cannot be seen or anchored near the base, you will have to use a reciprocating saw up between the jamb and the stud.

You will need to cut the jambs horizontally after sawing through some fasteners on both jams. To quickly extract the jambs, make sure you cut them in the centre of the jambs.

You will be able to remove the head of the frame by hand once you have finished pulling off the jambs. If your hand is unable to do this, try to use a pry bar. You can also cut the jambs into pieces, if necessary, to easily remove the head.

How To Remove A Metal Door Frame From The Masonry Wall?

If you’re dealing with a masonry wall, removing a metal door frame won’t be that easy. You’re going to struggle with a broken concrete wall, and replacing the door frame can take a lot of time.

You have to use a strong reciprocating saw to break the jams into parts. First, ensure that you cut the jambs vertically at the intersection between the outside of the jamb and the wall. When you’ve done, you can remove the jamb with the aid of a crowbar or pry bar.

However, PVC and aluminium frames are most widely used for non-commercial building doors and windows. People love to use PVC and aluminium frames because they are lightweight, adjustable, and have no maintenance.

Nowadays, a metal frame is used for most commercial buildings for better security of your property. Though using a metal frame is expensive, you are getting a very classy look in your building. To find more, you can check the available frames in Chassis Bruxelles.


As you know, among the various types of materials, the metal frame is the longest-lasting and most stable choice for a commercial building. However, metal door frames still need to be maintained appropriately, and it is not that easy to remove the frame if there is some problem with the metal door frame. Hence we have shown how to remove a metal door frame. I hope this information will be helpful. Darley Aluminium is the best aluminium gates and doors supplier company in Sydney.

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