How to remove stains from Hardwood Floors



Hardwood floors are part of every apartment. Hardwood floors are more durable and thus are used often. Read further for tips on how to remove stains from the hardwood floors.

Wood-Floor-Wood-Floor-Cleaning-Clean-Wood-Floor_thumb1. Assess the state of your flooring. If your hardwood floor is comparatively new-fangled and is preserved well, than the stain might be simply on the laminated floor and has not come in contact with the wood. So in this case, chemical amputation must work properly. If your hardwood floor is big and the cover seal is worn off, than you may need to stripe and rub down the floor for stain elimination, and then again finish and cover them properly.

2. Find out the temperament of the mark. Choose a clean-up product which works well with the stains on your hardwood floor. If the mark is originate by alcohol, non-greasy food or candy, ink, fruit, lipstick, shoe polish or nail polish, than you need to just mix few drops of soft dish detergent in a pail of warm water. Than rub the stains with the help of soft cloth which is wetted with that solution.

3. You can also use cold water which is mixed with the little amount ammonia, to get rid of stains which are caused by human blood, oil or iodine. All you need to do is rub those stains with the help of soft cloth which is dampened with the water and ammonia mix. Even if this doesn’t helps you to remove stains than soak the cloth and spread it on the top of the tarnish and let it sit until the stain fades away.

baby-crawling-on-hard-wood-floor-by-rrss4. Getting rid of urine stain on hardwood floor. All you need to do is scrub it with cloth which is wet and saturated in the hot water along with a little amount of scour powder when the stain created is fresh. If the stain created by urine is old enough than, mix some amount of liquid bleach in your hot and saturated water. You can use 1 part of bleach to 10 other parts of hot water. Then, rinse that area with the bleach after all the stains removed.


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