How To Repair Your Garage Floor With Epoxy


Garage Floor With Epoxy

Does your garage floor have damage like cracks, chipping, or pits? This kind of damage can make your entire garage look unsightly and even become a safety concern! Cracks and other damage can create trip hazards that make it easier for injuries to occur in your garage.

Damage can happen to your garage floor for several different reasons, but no matter the cause, it’ll need to be fixed. These damaged surfaces can be repaired with the right products and techniques.

In this short article, we’ll cover how concrete can get damaged and how to repair it with epoxy. Continue reading to learn more!

How Concrete Gets Damaged and Why Fix It

As garage epoxy floors are typically made of concrete, they’re one of the strongest, long-lasting flooring systems on the market. However, due to usage, weight, weather, and other reasons, a concrete garage floor can develop cracks, chips, or pits.

This damage needs to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent cracks and other damage from spreading and getting worse. If the damage is left to spread, it could eventually affect the floor’s structural integrity.

The Epoxy Repair Process

The first step in repairing the concrete damage is by removing any pieces of concrete that are breaking away from the damage. Next, the surface of the concrete needs to be swept clean to remove any residual dust. After the concrete is clean, the actual repairs can begin.

Fixing Minor Cracks

Cracks can be sealed with an injectable epoxy repair system. Ports should be placed along the length of the break. The injectable tube can attach to these ports, making the installation of the epoxy easier. The injectable epoxy will fill the entirety of the crack and dry in just a few hours. Once dried, the epoxy will not allow the crack to spread any further.

Fixing Chipping Areas And Pits

As for chipping or pitting, an epoxy mortar patch is a perfect solution to repair them. To make repairs using an epoxy mortar patch, an epoxy primer will need to be applied first to ensure a proper bond between the epoxy and the concrete. The mortar will be mixed and applied to the damaged area with a trowel. For a harder, more robust surface, a touch of dry cement can be thrown onto the field and plastered with a trowel.

Fixing Larger Damage

When dealing with more substantial cracks or areas of chipping, you can benefit from filling the area with silica sand. This will prevent the material from leaking down and causing you to use an excessive amount of patching material. With these more extensive areas, an epoxy slurry blend will be beneficial for fixing the damage. After the surface has been prepped, the epoxy blend is applied over the damaged area. You may need an additional application to fill in any pits or low spots that were missed during the initial application.

Preventing Damage In The Future

If you’re tired of repairing your concrete garage floor, there’s a simple, fast solution! Garage floor epoxy is an excellent way to avoid dealing with these repairs that add up in costs annually. As it comes in a wide range of colors, patterns, textures, and styles, garage floor epoxy can be designed to meet any of your garage floor design and functional needs! By having your garage floor coated with epoxy, you can stop this damage from happening.

Summing Up

Concrete can be damaged by several different factors, including its usage, weight, weather, and more. This damage can be fixed with epoxy using various products and techniques. Minor cracks can be repaired with an injectable epoxy filler. Chipped areas and pits can be repaired using an epoxy mortar patch. More significant damage may require an epoxy slurry mix to fix them. Once your damaged garage floor has been repaired, you can prevent this damage from reoccurring. By having a garage floor epoxy coating installed, you’ll be protecting the underlying concrete for decades! Garage floor epoxy offers the durability, longevity, and affordability that you need for a dependable garage floor.

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