How to Replace Vinyl Fence Panels: 3 Easy Steps



If you like taking DIY projects and prefers saving money on usual property repairs, and then you must know how vinyl fence panels should be changed and replaced. Use this guide, with three simple steps to replace Vinyl Fence Panels purchased in Wholesale.

Vinyl Fencing

  • Vinyl fencing is a favorable option for property owners who need economical, aesthetically appealing, and durable solution for adding value and security or privacy to the property. But sometimes, vinyl panels need replacement due to damages and extra weathering. So, first and foremost, locate the damaged panel, see if the is possible to repair. For the same, start by removing screws present on each panel. You can remove these screws either through the bracket or using the fence post. Now, dismount or take off the vinyl panel that isn’t required and set in away. It must be noted that tradition bracket fitting panels are more comfortable to take out, while the other method, where clips are used can be a little tough. So, use flat metal and insert it into the slot of the panel for depressing clips and releasing them. Have best vinyl fence panels at wholesale prices if you wish to make the entire task more manageable.

Vinyl Panels

  • Next step is to release the other side of the panel. Now, remove it from the fence. Once that’s done, fit the new panel by reverse and removing the original broken panel. For the same, fit the panel to the brackets. Use screws to fasten it. If you are replacing panels onto the brackets, make sure that they are set well apart and screws are immediately employed for their fastening. Otherwise, fit the panel into the socket post. The clips will snap open to hold the panel automatically. Use any of these procedures based on the type of vinyl fence panel you own. Check if the rails are aligned.

Vinyl Fence Panels

  • Now that you have already replaced your vinyl fence post and added a new one, all you have to do is look, check and marvel your creation. Vinyl Fence Panels for Wholesale are usually designed in a variety of styles, ensuring that you can choose something that suits your replacement requirements. So, now that you have replaced the panel check to ensure that it is hanging correctly. Use your hands to see that they are firmly fixed to the post.

Vinyl Panels are certainly a reliable solution for fencing. They are incredibly easy to use, and their repair doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. But if you are using vinyl fencing solutions, ensure that you follow a few steps to increase the panel’s life. For instance, clean it regularly, increasing the frequency if your area is prone to weathering or corrosion effects. At the same time, make sure that heavier items don’t collide with panels, as vinyl isn’t too strong to bear the weight. These simple steps will help you keep panels safe and make their replacement easier.

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  2. The rails held in place using tabs cut into the rails need to be pushed in to pull the rail out of the fence post. There are several tools out there and methods. Most use shims or putty knives inserted in the gap between the rail and the post’s hole, which work well for small jobs. If you need to repair several sections or the gap between the rail and the hole in the fence post is too tight, there is a fork-shaped tool inserted inside the fence post and pushes in the tabs. This method is much quicker than fishing putty knives or shims on both sides of the rail.

  3. I like that you also talked about the aesthetic appeal of vinyl fences. I’d like to get some installed in my property because my local area has a lot of stray cats. Some fencing might help deter them from wandering into my property too much.


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