How To Revamp Your Bedroom On A Budget


Revamp Your Bedroom

Are you fed up with your bedroom decor? Does it need swift spruce up? Your bedroom should be a relaxing haven with elements that make you feel calm and peaceful. Revamping your bedroom doesn’t have to break the bank; you can inject some new life and energy into your room by making a few simple tweaks to completely transform the space.

Here are some easy tips and ideas to help you revamp your room without spending too much money.

Repaint The Walls

One way to revamp your bedroom on a budget is to add fresh paint to the walls. If you want to save money, choose one wall as your accent wall and paint it the color of your choice. Your accent wall will act as a focal point for the room, and all accessories you add to the room will complement your accent wall color.

Add Some Wall Decals

If you don’t want to paint your walls, add some extra color and vibrancy to them with wall decals. They are affordable sticker transfers that you can purchase from most craft stores, home stores, or department stores. Choose from hundreds of designs and colors to match the theme of your room.

Clean Your Space

You will be surprised at how a simple deep clean can change the look and feel of a room. Spend one morning or afternoon cleaning your space and getting rid of old items that you no longer need. Decluttering will freshen the room and make it look brand new.

Change The Bedding

Another low-cost way to revamp your bedroom is to change the bedding. Buy stylish throw blankets and quilts from Bambury to add new zest and life to your bedroom.

Rearrange The Bedroom Furniture

Take a look at your bedroom and how the furniture has been arranged. Can you make some changes to give yourself more space? Move the bed, the dresser, and maybe the side tables. You will notice a massive difference when you rearrange your bedroom. Give it a try!


If you don’t have the funds to install new flooring, Inject new life into your old carpet or wood flooring by adding a large floor rug. Find a rug that will compliment the color and theme of the room.

Get Some Art

Get some art to uplift and brighten the room. Choose contemporary art or more traditional pieces. You can purchase printable art from online stores like eBay and Etsy. Print the art, frame them, or create canvas prints instead. You can also buy art from thrift stores, flea markets, and discount art stores online and offline.

Go Green

Go green and add some green plants and flowers to your space. Plants are a beautiful addition to any room. Buy plants that fit your style and taste; if you don’t have much time to water plants and maintain them, purchase artificial plants instead.


Design your lighting to give the room a whole new ambiance. Choose soft yellow lighting for a warm feeling. Choose white lighting for a more contemporary aesthetic. Lighting completely changes the look and feel of a room; contemporary corner lamps or traditional lampshades will add something fresh and new to your bedroom.

You can purchase vintage lampshades from thrift stores or search for them online. There are many affordable home decor stores where you can buy contemporary lamps and other accessories to re-energize your bedroom. 

Change Your Window Dressings

Do you have drapes or blinds? Transform your room by adding new inexpensive blinds or drapes. If you don’t have the budget for new curtains or blinds, add some accessories like dream catchers or wind chimes to your windows to freshen them up a bit.

Cover Your Walls With Tapestries

A fun and interesting way to transform your bedroom is to cover your walls with tapestries. You can buy second-hand tapestries from thrift stores or online. These can replace art on your walls, or one large tapestry can act as your accent wall.


Take a look at your room and figure out what accessories would work in the space. Consider candles, lamps, ornaments, and vases. Decorative bowls and cushions are also great for accessorizing and adding the finishing touches to a room.

As you can see, there are many ways to revamp your bedroom without emptying your bank account. Use all or some of the ideas listed in this article to help you spruce up your room without spending your life savings. Some new art, a fresh lick of paint, decluttering, and adding some new bedding can drastically change the look and feel of your bedroom. Good luck and enjoy your new bedroom!

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