How to Run a Green Household


If you’re reading something like this, chances are you already know how much impact every one of us can have on the entire ecosystem. The means of transport you use, the type of fuel that runs your car, the food you eat, the energy resources you use, the amount of water you spend, every single aspect of your life influences the whole picture.

You maybe think, oh, but it’s just me, if I change something, it won’t have much impact; I’m just another drop in the vast ocean. But imagine if everyone thought that way, nothing would ever change indeed. Instead, imagine everyone thinking they can make a difference. And together we can, but we have to start from our homes first. So yes, you can make a lot of difference for good in this world through the cumulative effect and also through inspiring others to follow your steps. Here’s how to start.

Save Energy

How to Run a Green Household

This is the first step, and quite a big one, as it can have a lot of impacts. You can start by using LED lighting or some other form of low-consumption lighting fixtures. Even though some of you may not like the light, the savings are proved to be enormous, preventing the emission of more than 400 pounds of greenhouse gases, so it is worth the little inconvenience. You’ll get used to it.

Besides, nowadays there is a whole range of energy-saving light bulbs of different quality – size, shape, color, brightness (and prices, mind you), so you should be able to find the one that suits you best. It will also save you a lot of money, as energy consumption is significantly less.

In the long run, plan to introduce solar or wind-powered energy supply. Renewable energy sources help so much in reducing carbon emissions as they decrease our coal-burning power plants’ dependence. You can start introducing solar power gradually and partially until you completely move to it, given, of course, the climate in your region allows it. Learn more about solar lights in this helpful article

To minimize your heating and electricity bills, invest in the insulation of your house. For instance, put double-glazed panes on your windows, and insulate your walls. This will help keep your house cold in the summer, enabling you not to use the air conditioner that much and keep it warm in the winter.

Reduce The Waste And Recycle

Dispose Of Old Batteries Properly

I am sure you already do, but please be consistent and uncompromising when it comes to this. Please don’t be lazy to wash the jars and other packages before throwing them for recycling. Try not to buy bottled water; use water filters or reusable bottles instead. Turn to using thermos and mugs for your coffee instead of using paper cups which are usually coated and cannot be recycled nor composted.

Reduce your usage of paper towels as much as possible. Try to save them only for super gross cleaning. And even better, use the ones made of recycled paper. Make sure you dispose of old batteries properly. Some of those contain heavy metals and corrosive acids, making them difficult yet not impossible to recycle. Please make an effort to find out how, when, and where you can properly dispose of them, as they can be serious polluters of air, water, and soil and thus affect your health as well. You can certainly find the info online.

Also, use rechargeable batteries whenever possible – they’re also recyclable, but they last longer. Switch to using market totes instead of plastic bags. I know it’s sometimes easy to forget to bring them, but find those who can be folded and packed to fit even in your pocket and simply always have one with you.

These are just some of the options you have to help the world be a better place. Take baby steps first; it doesn’t matter, but start doing something—every little bit matters.

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