How To Save Electricity With An Air Conditioner


Modern Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioner units have gone from luxurious items to essential appliances. We want to feel comfortable all the time, and we want to go about our daily activities without feeling like we are melting. Unfortunately, air conditioners, especially the older models, are not always efficient and use a lot of electricity which is not only a problem for your pocket, but with the Global Warming Crisis, it is bad for your carbon footprint and the environment as well. Therefore any methods you utilize to use your air conditioner less – and the electricity less – will be advantageous to both your pocket and the environment.

Due to Global Warming, many places around the world now have temperatures above the seasonal norm. Sweltering temperatures make using an air conditioner a necessity. However, as much as we enjoy the coolness they bring, there is a downside, the increase in electricity bills. Read on to discover some tips to help you use your air conditioner and still save money.

  1. Set The Temperature A Little Higher This Summer

Increase the temperature that you have your air conditioner set at. Just by increasing the temperature by 2 or 3 degrees, you will still be at a comfortable temperature and will also significantly save on your electric bill. You can use the same method in the winter just by lowering the temperature. Two or three degrees will save on electricity.

  1. Only Cool, The Spaces You, Are Using

Make sure you are only cooling the rooms that are occupied. If your family is all spread out across the house, get everyone to carry out their activities in one place if possible. If someone leaves a room, turn the air-conditioning off.

  1. Replace Older AC Units With Newer And More Energy Efficient Ones

Check the energy efficient rating on your air conditioner. The more stars, the cheaper it is to use. The older models gobble electricity and rocket your electric bill sky high. So it is worth investing in AC installation for a new modern air conditioning unit. You will see significant savings on your energy bill.

  1. Choose The Right AC Unit For Your Property

The size of your rooms and property will affect which size AC unit you need to effectively cool the rooms. Larger rooms, high ceilings, and open plan living spaces are harder to cool and keep cool and need higher power units. Speak to our HVAC contractors for professional advice

  1. During The Winter, Layer Upon Clothes

Wear a warm jumper and socks and use a blanket when you’re sitting relaxing rather than using the heater. An even more energy-saving tip is to use an electric blanket instead of heating.

Other strategies for keeping warm include having all the members of the family in one room, so only that room needs to be heated instead of the whole house.

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