How To Save On Your Internet and TV Bills


Save On Your Internet Bills

Streaming services in the market are getting crowded. Since there are multiple services for streaming your favorite movies, it has led to an increase in their prices. Hulu and Netflix have introduced their new prices. Their cheaper plans are ad-based, which means you need to sign up for premium plans if you want to skip the ads showing up on your screen altogether. Even getting TV channels on your screens is getting expensive; you subscribe to a premium TV plan just to get the required TV channels and also end up having a lot of TV channels that you don’t even watch. It has become such a hassle now.

Watching TV or streaming movies and TV shows are getting expensive every day, which has also made it harder to maintain the bills every month. What’s more, you are signing up for a fast internet speed, that is way out of your budget, just so you could have a smooth streaming experience on Netflix.

Are there ways to save yourself from such a hassle? This is why you are here. We will tell you how you can save on your increasing bills prices along with providing you with all factors to be considered;

Sign Up To Bundle Plans

All services of communication being used in your home are mostly provided by a single service provider. If you are getting internet connection and cable TV from the same service provider, why not group them together so that you can pay a single bill with possibly lesser rates? You can even add mobile phone and home phone services to that bundle too.

For instance, Comcast Xfinity is the largest telecom brand in the US, operating in around 36 states. Xfinity offers internet, cable TV, home phone, home security, and mobile phone services. Hence, for Comcast Xfinity users, it will be easier to buy services from the same brand, rather than looking for other service providers. If interested, dial the Comcast phone number to learn more about their services.

This is a win situation for a consumer like yourself because usually subscribing to such packaged services is a money-saver. Hence, do the math before you sign up for any such bundles with your service provider.

Cut Down Your Service

Another way you can consider is scaling back on all the extras you are receiving with your services. You might be paying extra for HD programming, DVR, or premium channels you don’t even watch. Why don’t you just go for a basic TV plan that already has all your favorite TV channels and could help cut your bill in half?

Also, consider downsizing your internet connection. Maybe you are paying for a fast internet plan, that is leaving out all the extra bandwidth that you are not even using. Note down all the online activities performed through all your devices connected to the home network and go for an internet plan that meets the required demand.

Do you really need that Netflix or Hulu subscription? If it’s extra and you don’t like their programming anymore, you can just unsubscribe yourself from the plan. That is the beauty of streaming services; you can opt out of the plan whenever you want.

Cut The Cord

If streaming Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services takes up most of your entertainment, then you don’t need the TV service anymore. Going for a streaming service plan is cheaper than subscribing to a TV plan.

If you like watching some programs on TV channels, then you can probably find an alternative way of viewing them, i.e., through streaming services. For instance, if you have been watching Friends for a while now on your TV, you can find the full episodes of Friends on Netflix.

Letting go of TV plans means that your focus should be now on good internet speeds that allow for smooth and seamless streaming on your devices. At the end of the month, you’ll only have the internet bill to be dealing with.

Switch Your Service Provider

Compare your current internet or TV plans with other service providers in your locality. Are you paying too much to receive internet and TV services from one service provider when it could be cheaper if you got the same services from another service provider? You can also move from cable service to satellite TV service if it is a feasible option for you. Check the service plans on the website of other service providers to get more information.

Moreover, do keep in mind that it is difficult to know the actual billing amount because taxes and other fees vary for different service providers, and such information is not easily available.

Final Thoughts

It can be quite hard to manage the increasing prices of all your bills. The trick is to pay attention to all hidden charges, extra services, etc., and know how to work around these services, i.e., cutting down on TV channels and extra streaming channels.

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