How To Select Right Bifold Doors For Your Home


It’s a great idea when you make a decision to install bi-fold doors in your house. It certainly will make the house look more attractive, and you will also enjoy the simplicity of access to your house that the doors offer.

Before the installations start, however, there will be a lot of choices that you will be required to make. They are all meant to ensure that you end up with the right doors, do the right and perfect installations and spend the right amount of money, among other factors.

Here is an excellent guide to take you through the simple process of installing these great doors in your home.

  • The Material

Bifold Doors Material

The first thing that should come to your mind before you even start the process in quality is the best material for the doors. The main material used to make these do aluminum, but like you will find different qualities of a product that you need, these doors come in different qualities too.

The door that you are about to install will replace a huge part of your wall, and that means risking a number of things, the main one being security. When you get the right and top-quality door, it should tick all the boxes in the following list.

  • Should be able to keep away rainwater and other types of wetness that may otherwise seep into your house. It hence should be airtight when closed.
  • After installation, it should not compromise energy efficiency in your home.
  • The mechanism should be strong to maintain the durability of the door and the house at large.
  • Top-quality components that will give you the guaranteed security
  • A low-quality door will only meet the manufacturing standards, but a top-quality one will exceed them.
  • You will get a longer guarantee from a manufacturer of top-quality bi-folding doors from Brisbane.

Avoid doors that have been made from re-melted aluminum scrap. They will always have minor – even if concealed – defects such as roughness and imbalanced coating.

The best quality is of a door made from the best quality aluminum material that is brand new. You should go for the one whose manufacturing process has an optimal level of a press run rate. This ensures that the surface of the material is completely smooth.

  • Harsh Weather Resistance

Harsh Water Resistant

Do not go for medium or low-quality doors because they will only meet the standards that have been set by the manufacturer. They are also hard to install, and a professional installer won’t be able to work comfortably with the materials, leading to a poorly done job.

When they are exposed to extreme weather conditions, they will leak and even come off loose when you need protection the most.

Go for the doors with top-quality material that surpasses the set standards. Such doors are hard to allow water in and will last long after installation.

Check on the following points when you go shopping for the doors. The products should have met all the following testing results.

  • Water tightness should be of Class 9A 600pa
  • Exposure Category should be 1,200 Special
  • Air Permeability should be 600pa Class 4
  • Resistance to a load of wind should be 1,200pa Class A3
  • Check on The Product’s U-value

Check on The Product’s U-value

U-value is the unit of measure for the lost amount of heat from a house or room. Top-quality doors with the best value will offer you the best thermal efficiency and thus reduce the fuel bills in your home.

The measurement is in Watts per meter square of the material used to manufacture the doors. Target the material with the lowest U-value because the less heat a door can lose, the better because you will have lower bills to pay.

When doing your assessment, ensure that you factor in the entire door and not the central panes only.

  • The Height of The Threshold

Bifold Doors

This not only affects your access when walking in and out of the house, but it also got to do with how perfect the door will be when it comes to being waterproof. Be extremely cautious in this because some manufacturers will claim that their low thresholds are 100% waterproof, but when the fitting is done, it turns out different.

Only accept rebated thresholds (weather-rated) because they are high-quality and hence watertight. Such doors will have a comfortably small step, which can be further improved by sinking the track deeper into the floor at the time of installation.

  • Top Security Doors

Security Doors

Your family’s safety should come first when you want to install these magnificent and beautiful doors. Work with government regulations to get the most secure bi-fold doors. What you buy should conform to PAS24 building standards.

You should use these standards regardless of whether you are building your new home or replacing a wall with a bi-fold door.

When you take the above information into account, you will be on your way to installing the best quality of bi-fold doors. You will give your property a great facelift, improve its value and end up with doors that will operate smoothly and serve you for many years to come.

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