How To Select The Ideal Wall Art For Your Space


Having the right design, color, functionality, devices, lighting system, and many more can transform a boring and dull-looking house into a vibrant home. However, even with its fantastic feel, a house can be augmented with the right set of wall arts. This is one of the elements that make a house interior stand out from the rest. Sadly, it is most times overlooked by house owners, as they consider it to be the last on their lists. Placing more priorities on the pieces of wall arts to be used in your home can make a tremendous difference. People are drawn to homes with breathtaking art scenes. It makes them yearn for more visits. Health-wise, having an ideal wall art can eliminate anxiety and calm an individual’s mind.

It becomes challenging when deciding what piece of wall art is needed for your space. Although there are no laid out guidelines for designing an interior with wall arts, there are tips that can guide an individual on the right piece of wall art to use. Before we proceed, you must choose a piece of wall art that you find attractive. It should be a piece of artwork that makes you relaxed and happy, something that produces lovely memories and gives out positive vibes. You can choose the ideal wall art based on style, size, color, inspiration, theme, and floor plan.

  • Style

Wall Art For Living Room

Styling is essential to the physical appearance of your interior space. You can personally decide what style to incorporate into your wall art design. Are you focusing on something antique? Do you want a bold wall art style? Are you looking for something bright based on the settings of your room? Or do you mind a Bohemian look? Find out what style complements your needs.

  • You can choose wall art that matches the style of your room, including the fittings and furniture in it.
  • This wall art should be a significant piece you would love to have for many years.
  • It is ideal to purchase a set or more, depending on the size of your wall space.
  • Having your wall art made from combined materials can give your interior space an ideal blend.
  • Size

Wall Art Size

This is a tricky aspect of interior design. Having an undersized or oversized piece of artwork can ruin the entire look of your interior space. You need to find the right size to make your wall art perfect. If you want to design a new workspace, you can start with larger pieces of art and work your way down. As you complete your space, it will gradually become an impressive display of art with the items complementing one another. Here are some dimensions you can use to measure your wall art when designing your space:

  • Oversized: Artworks in this category exceed 100cm in length. Before you purchase items of this particular size, you need to measure your interior space to be sure they can easily fit into it.
  • Large: Pieces of wall art in this category measure from 80 to 100cm in length. Such a piece can be placed in the center of a room, or you could have two large pieces on the side with a small one in the middle. The maximum number of large-piece artworks you need in a room is two.
  • Medium: A piece of artwork in this category has a size of 60 to 70cm and can be used as a standalone. You can also use more medium-sized pieces to create the interior design you need. However, ensure that they are symmetrically arranged.
  • Small: Pieces of this size (45 – 59cm) can fit above shelves, furniture, and on small walls due to their size. They produce outstanding effects when they are paired or grouped in threes or sixes.
  • Mini: Mini artworks are the smallest of all sizes. They have a size that ranges from 25 to 44cm and are often sold as collections. You can easily arrange these pieces of wall art anywhere on your wall.

With the right wall art, you can create a masterpiece out of your interior wall space and give your apartment a look and feel it deserves. There are luxury stores that offer fantastic wall arts at affordable prices. You can access one of them here:

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Preeti Shah is a person who loves checking out different styles and designs of houses. She took interior designing in college and is practicing in the field of home improvement for five years now. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating home designs.


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