How To Sell Land Fast: 6 Tips You Need To Keep In Mind While Dealing


How To Sell Land Fast

Many people are now into land selling, and many others want to enter into this business. The high interest in this particular business endeavor is not surprising since selling land is one of the best ways to make money today.

However, if you have plans to become a land seller, you have to know that this industry is no easy feat. Selling land requires your diligent effort and patience. You need to research the market and know the various marketing techniques to sell your property fast.

All land sellers want to make a quick sale, and here are some tips you need to keep in mind to that end.

Make A Strong First Impression

Selling land is like courting land buyers. So, when you’re courting them, you need to make a strong first impression through the property you’re selling. It’s a must to prepare the property to impress the buyers.

Ensure that the land is presentable as possible. Get rid of fallen leaves, debris, and garbage. You also need to fix broken fencing, cut the overgrowth of grass and weeds, and fill in badly eroded areas. Doing these things will make the appearance of your property attractive.

Another thing you should prepare is the parking area. There should be enough space where your viewers can park their cars. If there’s no other area to park than beside the street, tell neighbors that you’re expecting visitors and that they might need the space for parking use in the meantime.

It’s also great to have a viewing plan for your potential buyers. Showcase the most attractive or valuable features of the land first before showing them the other aspects of the property. The front part of the property should be appealing because that’s the first thing viewers will notice.

Eliminate Any Potential Problems

Before selling vacant land, make sure that you eliminate any potential problems. For instance, you need to have it professionally surveyed. In this way, you’ll determine the title description, easement information, and acreage amounts. When you have this important information, the sale of the property will be smoother and faster.

It’s also crucial to determine any existing deed restrictions and covenants. If ever there are, make sure to inform the buyers about them. If there aren’t any existing restrictions, you may want to attach some for the protection of the property value.

For instance, you can add deed restrictions that prohibit owners from using the property for businesses that produce waste or emissions that may have a negative impact on the neighborhood.

Moreover, you should know about the zoning laws and what zoning your property is under. If you learn about local zoning, you’ll determine your target buyers. For example, if your vacant land is in the commercial zone, you should market it to buyers looking for commercial real estate properties.

Visit the local zoning office to learn about the present zoning laws in your area. The zoning authority may also inform you about zoning changes in the future that might affect your property.

Set A Fair Price

The price of the land is crucial for both the seller and the buyer. As a seller, you may wish to set a reasonable price for your property to attract buyers. Setting a price that suits well the market value of your property enables you to sell it fast.

You can hire the service of a property appraiser to help you determine the worth of your vacant land. Another option is to work with a real estate agent who knows the market conditions and has access to information concerning similar selling properties in the area.

Market Your Land

In marketing vacant land, you need to ensure that the marketing is descriptive. Include information such as boundaries, easements, zoning, etc. Photos of the property are also essential. Attach photos that view the land from different angles in the land listing.

It’s also crucial to mention appealing features, such as shopping areas or parks located nearby the property. You should also be honest about environmental issues, such as proximity to streams or wetlands.

Advertise On Listing Sites

There are many avenues to advertise the land you’re selling. One primary platform is an online listing site. You can find many online listing sites that enable you to reach people who want to buy vacant land.

You can also list the property you’re selling on a Multiple Listing Service (MLS); MLS is an excellent platform for land listing because it gives you a broader market of potential land buyers.

Create A Floor Plan

If you’re selling land with an existing house, it’s wise to show the real estate property’s floor plan aside from its photos. A floor plan enables buyers to view the relationship between spaces, rooms, and other physical features more clearly. So, don’t forget the floor plan when marketing land with an existing home!


Who wouldn’t want to sell the land they’re selling fast? It’s a waste of time and money when your property gets stuck in the market for months or years. So, you should know the techniques to sell your land in no time. Follow the tips in this blog post for that purpose.


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