How To Set Up A Home Office That Inspires Your Work


When you are working from home, you get to choose what you want to wear each day, discover a better work-life balance, and even reduce your reliance on the morning commute.

One of the biggest perks to working from home is that you have the freedom to design your own home office from scratch.

Designing an office is a fun and creative experience, but it can also be a real challenge too.

You must think about how you can combine design aspects that make you more productive and efficient, with elements that will help you stay motivated and inspired.

Here’s how you can set up an office that works for you.

Select The Right Location

Select The Right Location

There is plenty of stories out there of entrepreneurs who launched their home office from their garage or kitchen table.

However, locations like that aren’t ideal for your inspiration or productivity. Instead, you will need a dedicated space that you can transform into a valuable home office.

Make sure that your new office is:

  • Separate from your living areas so you can keep your home and work lives separate
  • Large enough to hold all the equipment that you need
  • Warm, well-lit and quiet

A window that allows for some natural light and a change of view now and again can be a great bonus too!

Let There Be Light

Home Office Lighting

Lights have a significant effect on your mood and attitude. Ideally, you’ll want a home office that has as much exposure to natural light as possible.

A bright and sunlit workspace will help to keep you feeling energized while reducing the risk of eye-strain.

You may not establish your home office in an area with windows, and if that’s the case, you must bring some artificial lighting into the mix.

Make sure you have as much bright light as you need—but use energy-efficient bulbs to keep your electricity costs low.

Invest In Comfort

Home Office Stuff

Nothing destroys motivation like a crick in your neck or persistent back pain. If you will spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, it’s crucial to choose a chair for your office that’s comfortable and ergonomic.

A decent office chair is essential to helping you stay focused—and it may even be a good idea to try some chairs before you buy them too.

Look for things like lumbar support, which follows the natural shape of your spine and adjustability that allows you to sit with your spine straight and your feet flat all day.

Add Personal Touches

Add Personal Touches

One of the most significant benefits of designing your own home office is that you can make it look. However, you like it. You’re not restricted to whatever your boss thinks is appropriate, so you have the freedom to inject as much personality as you want.

Think about adding some photos or pictures to the walls or bring in some houseplants for a dose of oxygen and color.

The personal touches in your office are your opportunity to find solutions that make you feel motivated and inspired. Maybe a painting that you’ve always loved will help to stimulate you when you’re feeling exhausted—or a selection of your favorite plants will help you feel refreshed as soon as you take a glance at them. Find what works for you.

Use Color To Improve Your Mood

Use Color To Improve Your Mood

While you’re looking for personal touches that enhance the feel of your office, don’t forget to think about color.

The color that you paint your home office and the little accents that you include throughout will have a wast impact on how you feel.

For instance, the color green is excellent for increasing concentration and promoting relaxation, as it represents both tranquility and nature. Yellow helps to capture the eye and inspire creativity too, while blue tones calm and stimulate the mind.

Make The Most Of Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions For Home Office

Few things are distracting in a home office than clutter. According to various studies, excessive clutter in your office or home can induce stress and make it tuff to focus on the task at hand.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to fit your home office with plenty of storage solutions.

You need not stick with traditional boring filing cabinets in today’s digital age.

Instead, you can explore a range of different options, including colored storage boxes and custom shelving units for all of your files. Don’t be afraid to let your style shine through.

Remember To Keep An Open Mind

Keep An Open Mind

Finally, remember that a proper home office environment helps anyone to work more efficiently and productively. The things that inspired and motivated you when you first designed your office might not have the same impact forever.

As you continue to grow as an entrepreneur or home worker, make sure that you keep an open mind to new office renovation trends and design ideas.

Even the best ideas for home office design can be improved from time to time. Hands-on experience will give you an insight into what you need from your office, so you can make the changes that suit you.

In Sum

Your home office should inspire you to give your best when working. Everything from its location in your home, to the color scheme and lighting options, will play a role in how you feel there.

Keep up with the trending design and draw inspiration on storage, colors, and cool personal touches you can add to your office space.

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