How To Set Up Artificial Trees For A Tropical Backyard Space


Artificial Trees

The tropics are where most people spend holidays and evoke warmth and relaxation. When you see a tropical setup, you’ll be immediately transported back to the time you spent many summer nights on the beaches of El Nido in the Philippines or Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. More often than not, these are experiences you share with your friends, family, and partner

Being in the tropics gives one a sense of tranquility and peace. The warm days, windy afternoons, and cold nights can be enough to inspire you to create your own tropical setting in your backyard. And you can customize it according to your taste.

There are many inspirational ideas to be plucked out of the internet, and there are a lot of companies that offer products for you to achieve your dream tropical backyard space. And you don’t need to wait for many years for your tropical trees to grow! You can buy them readily and use them as you see fit.

To help you out, here are a few tips on setting up artificial trees for a tropical backyard space.

  1. Create A Private Secluded Area With Bamboo Trees

Bamboo trees in the tropics are often used to shield private villas from prying eyes. It fashions itself as a gate when clumped together with its tall, slender trunk. While sipping your fresh mango juice in your backyard, you’ll be quickly taken back to the moment you were lying in the sun with a book in your hand, wearing your wide-brimmed hat somewhere in the warmth of the opposite side of the world.

Although bamboos are endemic to South East Asia and East Asia, they have now been propagated in other areas. And even though bamboos are easy to grow, you would want something that doesn’t need much maintenance. Don’t fret because there are artificial bamboo trees that you can buy in the market to make your backyard landscaping worry-free.

Choose a bamboo tree or any artificial tree that looks close to the natural ones to achieve the authentic tropical theme you’re aiming for. You may select various artificial trees from reputable stores online.

  1. Choose Artificial Palm Trees For A Realistic Sensory Experience

Palm trees are synonymous with the tropics. A palm tree in your yard will give a realistic feel. Swaying palm tree leaves will elicit a tropical sensory vibe coupled with a piece of reggae music in the background.

  1. Create Shade With Rubber Trees

Rubber trees have large leaves that, when clustered together or with other trees or plants, will create a shade in your backyard, a shade that will provide you cool respite from the glare of the sun

  1. Generate A Stunning Vista With Ficus Tree

A Stunning Vista With Ficus Tree

Ficus trees have a great canopy shape that gives a remarkable vista when viewed from afar. The image it evokes is a lush rainforest teeming with extraordinary flora and fauna. All the more if you surround it with splashy floral variety like bromeliads, hibiscus, orchids, and bird of paradise.

  1. Elevate Your Space With Banana Trees

Nothing speaks more of the tropics than banana trees. These trees are found everywhere in the tropics. The large elongated leaves that sometimes form into a fan shape are a great addition to your backyard. Choose artificial banana trees with an attractive figure to make your tropical setup more captivating.

  1. Create Layers Of Green With Fern Trees

Fern trees have rich and dense foliage that will create many green layers in your space. The unusual shape of its leaves, when clustered along with other trees and plants in your yard, will add an interesting texture that will evoke a feeling that you’re in the jungle.


Designing your backyard should not follow a strict style guide. Your choices will depend on what you feel will make you happy and what’s more important is the story behind every element you choose.

Every design element that shares an account with your life would make it even more meaningful and personal. A piece that tells a story is more worthwhile than any expensive décor displayed in your house. An area of your home that generates conversation among family and friends and invokes happy memories is a positive experience.

Creating a tropical backyard used to be a daunting endeavor, but not anymore. Technology has made it possible to produce artificial trees that look very much like the real ones. And with a bit of imagination, your dream tropical backyard space is now possible.

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