How to Soundproof Your Kid’s Room


If you are living in a big area and the noise keeps waking up your kids, it is about time you do something about it. There are two solutions for your problem: move out or soundproof your kid’s room. Now, since moving out is not such an easy thing to do, soundproofing the room sounds much easier. All you need to do is be creative and ready to sweat, and with a modest budget, you can make all that noise pollution go away. You and your child deserve a healthy sleep, and it is about time you work on it.

Start With the Doors

Sound Isolated Doors

The one thing most people neglect when soundproofing the room is the doors. What they do not know is that the majority of the noise comes from the doors. Getting a sound-isolated door with a single bottom attached to it will prevent you from being sleep-disturbed and ensure that you and your kids get a well-deserved rest. If you have a limited budget, and cannot afford these fancy designs, consider applying a plywood coat to the door. Repaint it afterward and enjoy the silence and comfort within the room.

Retrofit the Windows

Retrofit the Windows

Another important thing is the windows. Once the doors are dealt with, you should focus your attention on reducing the noise pollution coming from the windows. One of the ways to do is to glaze them double. This will not only create optimal noise reduction but will also keep the heat within your house and, at the same time, reduce your electrical bills. Double glazing the windows is one of the best investments for your home, and it should be done even if you have to spend a couple of months saving for it. Two-way thermal insulation, no noise, and cheaper electric bills – what more could you ask for?

Isolate the Walls

Isolate the Walls

Once the doors and the windows are dealt with, the next in line are the walls. A good deal of noise is transmitted through the walls, especially if they are hollow or made of wood. The first thing to do would be adding a weighty vinyl with the addition of the glue layer, plus a plaster attachment. This will lead to protected walls from both the outside noise and weather conditions. If you have kids or a baby, their room should be a priority. Soundproofing the baby’s room and the compound facing the hallways should do the trick; however, another option is using spray foam with the soundproof agency. It is budget-friendly, and depending on your needs; you can get different types with stronger or weaker sound insulation.

Finish With the Floor

Soundproofing the Floor

You have dealt with the doors, the windows, and now the walls. All that is left is to take care of the one final element for the rooms to be completely soundproof – the floor. As you may know, the sound waves travel even through the floor, and this is felt the most if you are living in a multi-story apartment building. The way of soundproofing the floor from both the noise and the cold is to bring in the fluffy carpets. The big ones, with the most fluff you can find, and as thick as possible. Also, make sure they are hypoallergenic since your baby will roam around the house. Once you get these big fat thick carpets, your noise insulation will be complete, and nothing will ever again disturb your sleep or afternoon rest.

Getting rid of noise pollution is essential for it affects both your health and your lifestyle. By soundproofing your house, you win in more than one way. A moderate budget combined with your goodwill is all that it takes to make this possible.

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