How To Spark Life Into The Home With Posters


Decorative Posters For Home

Posters offer a unique advantage over wallpaper and paint – they can powerfully send a message. This message can be whatever you like, but remember that posters are versatile, easily changed, and easily moved, so don’t be afraid of experimenting. Still, some thought needs to go into your poster selection as it can be tricky to strike a balance.

Choosing A Design That Suits You And Your Home

Choosing the proper poster means having to consider both you and your home’s context. If you’re an animal lover, then decorative posters at US-based PawAnimal can be a great place to start. Here, you will find a plethora of animal-based posters that come in a variety of sizes. Again, quality is essential too, so don’t cheap out with an unknown international seller.

PawAnimal also offers custom gifts for nature lovers, where towel-printing can become a makeshift wall tapestry. This is very experimental, but it’s not difficult to alter these finishing touches and find a more traditional use for the towel if it doesn’t work out.

Ultimately, you want to land on something that speaks to you and for you. Posters are all about conveying a message about your personality, so don’t pick a design that you think everyone else will like but you.

The context of the home is essential in the poster choice. You don’t want to pick something extremely loud and colorful in your monochrome kitchen, for example, where a text-based poster would be more suited.


There is something to be said for a grand, large framed poster that hangs at the head of the bed or on top of the fireplace. This placement is creating a strong focal point, where the poster can then effectively communicate its message.

However, there’s also cause for creating a sense of unfinishedness when decorating a home with posters. The latest trends are to lay framed posters at the bottom of the wall, balancing instead of hanging them up. The pictures have to be large enough, and there has to be the right space for it, so it isn’t blocked. Plus, this has the benefit of not banging nails into your precious walls.

Complimenting Posters With Posters

Another way to use posters to bring a spark into a room is by having a dedicated feature wall that contains all of the room’s posters. This cluster effect can be a great way to make a wall come to life and show off various ideas and messages.

This can be tricky because you don’t want to create noise and have them clash. Ensure that the posers are within a similar style, such as animation, or a similar color palette, such as pastels.

This is a great way to bring color to a room, bearing in mind the cluster of posters does not have to be the same color. It’s not just the posters, though; you will likely want to match some of the colors with some furniture. For example, if the cluster of posters lays above the sofa, then use scatter cushions to coordinate some color. If you’re a real poster-lover, then you can even decide on your 3-or-so colors from the posters first and then base your furniture around that.

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