How To Spot An Electrician Scam – Things You Should Know About Electrician Scam


How To Spot An Electrician Scam

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Nobody likes to be the victim of a scam; scamming can be dangerous if you are a victim of an electrical scam. It can be scary and deadly, too. It is scamming at its worst; several folks claim to be so-called experts about electrical fittings and lighting but are mostly good at only giving fake promises.

You can easily find electrical scammers; here are some expert tips and tricks that ensure you are not falling for a scammer to get your electrical work done. Even if you encounter one, you know how to handle it and choose the only high-quality solution for your home and business.

8 Methods To Spot An Electrician Scams

  1. Weird Tactics

Electrical scams are undoubtedly the worst and can sometimes be fatal, too. Hence, it is important to avoid companies or individuals forcing you to make hasty decisions. Scare tactics can be the worst, and you should avoid making decisions over the phone or by email.

 Open communication and transparent information are the keys to ruling out the chances of electrical scams. It is better to approach a good Electrician Singapore who is evident with their strategies and work goals.

  1. Upfront Payment

Never approach the electrician again if they are demanding an upfront payment; it is a massive scam. If someone is asking for the payment beforehand from you or asking for credit card information or cash, only you must be careful. Paying the total amount before getting the work done is uncommon.

  1. Lack Of Credentials

The electrical scammers usually don’t have a license to work. When you are finalizing an electrician, Singapore always checks for their work license and certification. A scammer often won’t be happy to share the credentials with you, even if they have any. Double-check the papers and license before finalizing one for the electrical work.

  1. Fake Discounts

The scammers usually don’t have any fixed charges; they can easily surprise you with unbelievable discounts and price slashes. They want to get you in for their business, grab the payment fully in advance, and run away.

When you meet somebody for the first time, they usually try too hard to convince you. Many of us can easily find out that they are not genuine or hiding something we should be aware of.

  1. No Receipt

It is a significant red sign that you should not ignore. It indicates that you will deal with someone who is not honest with their work. If they are demanding cash only with some lame excuses to avoid receipt, it indicates that you have met a scammer. They can ask for a small initial deposit, which can be anything between 10-20% case if they demand any more amount, be alert.

  1. Only Email ID

You should think twice if the company has no physical address and fixed landline number and communicates only via email. Also, check whether the email is from their official mail ID or regular mailbox. A reputed electrician in Singapore will always share their correct details so that you can easily find them and share their work with others.

  1. Lack Of Proper Contract

Reputed electricians usually follow contracts while communicating with their clients. A scammer is often not eager to explain the contract details to the customer or answer any of their queries. All they want is to get the deal closed and get the money.

Moreover, they only prefer verbal discussion and nothing in writing. They may hardly acknowledge any customer questions or queries and prefer to get everything done in a hurry.

  1. Reviews

Many scammers won’t be happy to share their customer testimonials and reviews if you ask them. A reputed electrician in Singapore will gladly share their customer reviews and testimonials with you because they reflect their work quality.

If the individual is not very confident with their work quality, they usually refuse to discuss the reviews and highlight the testimonials because they will be mostly negative.

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