How to Start Your Own Indoor Garden?


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In today’s world, everyone has a hectic schedule, but still, there exist many environment lovers who love to spend their time in gardening. Indoor gardens are just best for such people as it doesn’t require any big spaces, extra maintenance or much of your time. It’s the best idea of serving nature and gaining some aesthetic pleasure in return. There are numerous advantages of having an indoor garden as you don’t have to worry much about the pest and insects that can be harmful to your plants.

Many times, people are not having much idea about making a perfect indoor garden. Therefore, through this article, we provide you the idea of how you can start your indoor garden in a very easy and sustainable way.

Indoor Garden

Here Are the 6 Steps Which You Can Follow

Choose the seeds and plant and buy it- you can have easy access to the twigs and seeds of your favorite plant from the nearby garden center or nursery. But many times, they don’t keep the exotic or the less popular varieties of plants. Therefore it’s wise to go with the familiar types. If you have a small budget, you can surely go with the seeds.

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Arrange the containers- you can either buy them or reuse the old ones. For indoor gardens, it is important to use small size containers. You can even make it by using cartoons, newspapers and all. Using the biodegradable contains is good as later on, you can also transplant it to some outdoor location.

String Garden

Decide the location for your indoor garden- choose the most appropriate spot of your house, which is getting a sufficient amount of heat and light. You can place them in front of the large window or the balcony. If this is not possible, then you can provide them some artificial light source.

Small Indoor Plants

At the right time, prepare the soil and plant the seeds- it’s not a challenging task to prepare the soil for the indoor gardens as required in very few amounts. Nowadays, the ready to use potting mixes are also available in the markets to make the procedure easier and convenient. After filling the containers with the soil now plant the seeds in them carefully.

Water the plant wisely- it can be considered as the trickiest part of the indoor gardening. You must know about the accurate amount of water needed by the plants. Different plants need water in different amounts and schedules. It will ruin the whole plant and will make it completely rotten in case over-watering is done.

Indoor Garden

Provide a sufficient amount of lightening to the plant- after the planting, in the initial stages, the seeds require heat more than light, and once they get germinated, a good amount of natural light supply is required for their growth. For getting the best result of growth, you can also provide some supplement resources for indoor lighting for seed starting like the florescent bulb, LEDs, and CFLs, which will fulfill the energy need of the plant.

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