How To Style Black Island Lights In Your Kitchen


Black Island Pendant Lights

You won’t find any more common spot in the home for pendant lighting than over the kitchen island. With black being the most popular color of these types of lights, it’s no surprise that so many people then choose to hang black island pendant lights in their kitchen.

Not just any black pendant lights will look great in your kitchen, however. Sure, there’s plenty to choose from, but which exactly will be right for your needs? How should you style the rest of the kitchen to make everything work? What exact placement should your lights have?

What Colors In The Kitchen Look The Nicest With Black Island Fixtures?

The wonderful thing about the color black is that it is very versatile. Typically, you’re going to see black pendants hanging in modern kitchens. This type of style will likely feature heavy use of both blacks and whites.

That doesn’t mean you should be afraid of adding some color, though! Far too many people get hung up on black and white and miss the opportunity to really bring some life to their kitchen. Try simply painting one of your accent walls a bright color to really make things stand out.

There are other ways to add touches of color into your modern kitchen with black pendants. Something as simple as a multicolor bowl of fruit can really breathe life into the room. If your pendants are spaced far enough apart and hung highly enough, you can add a tall floral piece to the island’s center. If you have space on the windowsill, consider placing multiple succulents. Remember: modern kitchens don’t have to be sterile and boring!

How Much Space Should You Leave Between Kitchen Island Pendants?

It would help if you spaced them about two feet apart. Do your measuring not from the closest edges of the fixtures but each of their centers. This will ensure that you have an excellent, even illumination over your island, making household tasks and food prep much more comfortable.

How High Should I Hang Black Island Pendant Lighting?

They should be at the height of over 30 to 36 inches over your island’s countertop. This will allow you plenty of space to move around while still keeping the fixtures close enough to adequately illuminate the island.

Most black island lights you buy these days will come with a hanging method that is adjustable in length, so don’t worry about finding the exact right length. Just ensure that the length is long enough to drop down to this height. You should be able to find all this information on any major lighting retailer’s product page.

A professional installer should have no problem setting things to your desired height. This is a very common part of placing pendants, so they should have plenty of experience.

Black Island Lights

What Is The Best Type Of Black Pendant For Use In The Kitchen?

Unless the lights are only for decorative purposes, you should look for pendants, domes, bells, or cones. These all provide a directed, focused light downwards, which should give you all the illumination you need for your tasks.

These are all trendy pendants’ shapes, so you should have plenty to choose from when you begin your search process. Most lighting retailers will allow you to narrow your searches by shape, so this shouldn’t add any difficulty.

With careful planning and searching, your black kitchen island pendants will be treasured additions to your home for many, many years to come. Think over everything we’ve discussed, take your measurements, and study the product pages carefully, and you should have no troubles.

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