How To Tackle Your Clutter Forever!


How To Tackle Your Clutter

Clutter could be taking over you and your home without you even realizing it. Clutter deserves more credit than homeowners give it to impacting your mental psyche. While it can create comfort for some, a disorganized space can impede performance and productivity.

Clutter! Why Is It Happening To Me?

Researching decluttering tips is only half of the solution. We first have to understand why it’s happening; without knowing the root of the cause, the clutter will always come back.

Items that hold sentimental value are the hardest to get rid of and also cause the most clutter. These items that have memories are the ones that lit up areas of our brain and create endorphins; therefore, getting rid of them makes discomfort. This is where setting boundaries for yourself is essential. Allow one plastic bin or drawer as the keepsake designated spot once it’s full, replace the item instead of starting a new bin or placing it somewhere else. This is how clutter will begin to build up.

Clutter Is Harming You!

The clutter in a room impacts our subconscious. If a room is messy or overwhelming, we’ll avoid that room more than if a room. This mess can lead to other habits such as unhealthier eating, poorer mental health, and less efficient thinking. The more mess you have, the more time you spend searching for an item; think of the time you’ve spent looking for something. This could add up to months of your life.

Decluttering Tips Everyone Can Achieve

  1. Create a schedule! Cleaning is less overwhelming if you tackle small doses of it, one room at a time.
  1. Rent a dumpster to get rid of significant amounts of clutter. Get one delivered to your home and start throwing those unwanted items into the container. Physically tossing that clutter into the dumpster can be a very therapeutic exercise.
  1. Create designated spots in your space for the items you want to ‘keep’ and ‘donate’ the things that need to be tossed; simply toss them in the dumpster rental, so they are out of sight immediately. This makes it easier to focus on what’s in front of you.
  1. Bring in some help! Get all your family members involved in the cleaning; once they know the process, they will most likely help in the maintaining. Don’t leave the kids out; they can help too!
  1. Ask yourself these questions as you go through every item to help process which piles to put them in.
    1. Do I need it?
    2. Does it have financial value?
    3. Does it work/have a function?
    4. When did I last use it?

Maintaining the organization is also part of the challenge. Remind yourself the benefits to a clean, decluttered environment, follow accounts on social media that can help you stay motivated in having a space that helps you feel productive and efficient with your time. Here are a few of my favorites; @bintheredumpthat, @thehomeedit, @houselogic, to name a few.

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