How To Take Your Bedroom To The Next Level: Great Ways To Upgrade Your Sleeping Quarters



Our bedrooms can be our sanctuary: a nest of nurturing where we get our recommended eight hours of sleep a night and can retreat to in the middle of the day when we need a calm oasis amid the chaos. The reality, however, is usually quite different. Our bedrooms can often take a backseat in comparison to the other rooms (i.e., the ones our parents and in-laws regularly see) when it comes to aesthetic upgrading.

Upgrading our sleeping quarters can make a big difference to how we sleep and our frame of mind – it’s the first room we see when we wake up, after all. Use the tips below to show your bedroom some love and start reaping the rewards of your efforts.

Get Cozy With Color

Simply changing the shade of your bedroom walls can entirely alter the mood of the room. Deep-hued, warm browns, rich topaz, or a sumptuous red-purple will set a cozy tone. If you feel that these tones would be too much on all of the walls, consider painting a single feature wall in one of these colors, and then go neutral on the others. Other shades that work well to create a relaxed vibe are lavender, soft blues, and light greens.

Don’t forget the ceiling, too. Painting the ceiling in a shade a tone or two lighter than the one you’ve used on the walls is a great way to pull your bedroom’s new look together and creates the illusion of a lower ceiling, which promotes the feeling of coziness that you want. Alternatively, you could wallpaper the ceiling or use stencils to add detail.

Magnificent Mattresses

One of the greatest gifts you can give your bedroom, and your general sense of wellbeing is a new, great quality mattress. Finding the right mattress for you can be a gamechanger in terms of your quality sleep; you may even find that it helps to alleviate niggling back pain, too, as a firmer mattress can be great for lumbar support.

Buying a mattress is easier than ever before: ‘mattresses in a box’ allow for easy delivery, and many companies offer free shipping and returns for these items. Get more information straight from the source on types of mattresses, including details on firmness, size, and the price you can expect to pay. There are various types available, including memory foam, spring, and latex mattresses, and lifespans tend to range from around 5 -8 years, which makes buying a new one a great investment on every level.

Storage And Space-Saving

Plenty of storage is vital in the bedroom to prevent clutter, which is kryptonite to attempts at creating a serene and sleep-inducing sanctuary. Before buying or repurposing anything, think carefully about what you need and where it will be best placed. Choosing a bedside table with multiple drawers is probably a great idea: this can hold many smaller items that could end up cluttering a dressing table or other surface, such as jewelry and spectacles taken off at the end of the day.

Use the space under the bed to its fullest capacity by purchasing wheeled boxes that can slide underneath. If you have the space, a trunk or bedding box placed at the end of the bed not only makes for a beautiful feature but can also provide another option for storage. Other clever little hacks for storage and space-saving include hanging your laundry basket (if it’s made of fabric) from the back of your bedroom door and choosing a headboard for your bed that features inbuilt storage space.

Add Fabric And Texture

To up the cozy-ante and further allow your sleeping quarters to express your personality, incorporate a range of fabrics and textures that work with or highlight the colors you’ve used in the rest of the space. Drape a throw over the end of the bed, or add a rich, deep-pile rug to a hardwood floor. Pile cushions in neutral shades or that feature bold prints onto the bed and any chairs in the room, and consider adding hanging fabric panels to walls for a luxurious effect.

Ditch The Digital Stuff

Keeping your bedroom a tech-free zone is a really good way to endorse healthy sleep habits and help you to get the sleep you need. Keep TVs, phones, and the like out of your boudoir to turn it into a room dedicated to rest, relaxation, and switching off from the outside world. This may seem like a difficult change to make, but it could well be the one that will bring about the most benefits to your life.

Keeping tech out of the bedroom can result in better communication for those sharing a bed with their partner, an increase in general mindfulness, as well as giving you the chance to read more frequently. Research has shown that couples that don’t have a tv in their room have twice as much sex as their telly-watching counterparts. Yes, mindfulness is nice and all but – really – there’s your motivation.

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