How To Transform Your Garden With Decorative Lighting


Decorative Garden Lighting

Whether you have a large garden or a small one, a patio, or a balcony, the lighting you choose to decorate your space with can really transform its appearance. But finding decorative lighting that both looks good and illuminates your outdoor space efficiently can be challenging.

The key is to find the best lighting suppliers. There are lighting suppliers you can order from online who have an incredible range of outdoor lighting, offering many different designs, styles, and colours.

Transforming Your Garden With Outdoor Lighting

From quick and simple lighting options to more permanent lighting options, you will be spoilt for choice when choosing outdoor lighting for your garden.

Wall Lights

Garden Wall Lights

There are some temporary outdoor lighting options available, like fairy lights or rope lights, but if you want something more permanent, wall lights are a great option.

Often providing a lighting design that’s more unique, wall lighting fixtures can add some serious sophistication to your outdoor space and show off a more polished look.

Installing outdoor wall lights can also effectively increase the security of your garden or driveway.

From lanterns to sconces to torches, there are so many different designs available to fit whatever style you want. Regardless of whether your outdoor space is sophisticated, cosy, bright, or quiet, you’ll be able to find something that suits you.


Decorative Small Solar Garden Light Lanterns

A garden staple.

And the best thing about lanterns for outdoor lighting is how diverse they are. You can find them as large floor lamp posts or as actual hand-held lanterns that can be placed on your table or your garden floor. Though the floor doesn’t seem like a usual area to illuminate, it can definitely provide a feeling of relaxation.

They can be dressed up or down, too. You might choose to have one lantern on your table, or you might style them by layering various sizes together to decorate an area in your garden, like the steps or a corner of your patio.

Illuminated Water Features

Illuminated Water Features

Now, these really transform your outdoor space. Nothing says tranquil or invites peace quite like a water feature does. And an illuminated one is even better.

The minimalism and calmness of a water feature can introduce zen and neutrality to your garden. Not to mention that it’s a real eye-catcher.


Candle Decor

One of the easiest and simplest ways to use decorative lighting to transform your garden is to introduce pillar candles. It’s both quick and effective and can really elevate the way your garden feels.

They can be used to create a boho display or to set the atmosphere for a really impressive dining experience. Grouping many candles, all of the different heights, has an effect on your garden, you, and any guests you might host. Even better is that candles are suited for pretty much any weather, always giving off a warm glow in the dark, even on gloomy nights.

Additionally, most pillar candles (and most outdoor lighting fixtures, for that matter) are LED lights, so they’re energy efficient and won’t considerably run up your energy bills. Just make sure that your fixtures are waterproof… You know what this country’s weather is like!

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