How to Turn Your Apartment into a Penthouse

On February 20, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

How to Turn Your Apartment into a Penthouse
So you finally have your own apartment, but it’s not what you were hoping for. The blank slate that got you in the door is a little too blank now that you’re having to live in it. Don’t feel trapped in a boring apartment though, there are so many ways you can spice up your space.Here are some ideas to make your plain old apartment shine and really become your own.

Open Up Space

If you own the apartment outright, feel free to literally knock down a few walls. However, you don’t have to knock walls down to open up some space. Make clear, open walkways so the path through your home is clear and flows properly. There shouldn’t be sharp turns or obtuse furniture getting in the way. Upgrade your furniture to sleek, slimmer models and make good use of shelving and storage stools to keep clutter to a minimum.

Use Proper Lighting

A single light in the middle of a room doesn’t exactly sing “home sweet home”. Using scone lights, floor lamps, and other accent lighting so you can leave the overhead light off not only makes your home look and feel more inviting. This decorating method can actually end up saving you a little bit of cash, too.

Color Counts

Though it’s become more popular to sell or rent out apartments with pops of color on the wall, the standard still is to white wash the walls before new tenants or owners move in. As long as you can paint, take advantage of it. You can really set the tone of your apartment just by changing to color of your walls. Turn your apartment from glum to glam with a simple color change. Deep, dark colors can invoke sensual relaxation, while bright, light colors make a space look larger and makes you feel reinvigorated. Be sure to match to what furniture you already have.

Accent Your Home

And this doesn’t just mean accent pillows. Changing out simple furnishings such as faucets, knobs, light fixtures, drapes, rugs, and even shower curtains can really make your home feel more luxurious. This is especially true when you choose to upgrade your showerhead from a simple sprayer to something more encompassing with a waterfall setting! Make sure you provide extra additions like security into the mix. Wireless camera compatibility with security systems can streamline your entire apartment into your smartphone.

Whether you’ve bought your apartment and intend to stay there for years to come, or you’re just temporarily renting until you can get something more permanent, these simple tricks can make you feel like you’re living in a 5-star penthouse.

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