How To Upgrade Your House On A Budget


How To Upgrade Your House

Making changes to your home can be an expensive business. The cost of major improvements to your central heating, or a rewire, can easily run into the thousands after you account for the cost of labor. Even if the rewards ultimately justify the outlay, not everyone has that kind of money lying around.

Fortunately, there are ways to upgrade your home while still sticking with a modest budget. In many cases, these little tweaks can make a big difference.

Remote Control Lights

Being able to control the lighting in your home using a smartphone is something that can actually make a surprising amount of difference. Program them to progressively dim as the night goes on so that you can hit the hay feeling that little bit more relaxed.

A Bigger Sink

If you can fit an entire massive saucepan in the sink, along with a range of other pots of pans, then you’ll find that washing-up becomes a much more enjoyable experience. For much the same reason, adding a dishwasher is a major quality-of-life upgrade.

A Dehumidifier

This device will ensure that the humidity inside your home is kept at an appropriate level. This will reduce the likelihood of damp developing, reduce the strain on your heating system (as dry air is easier to heat), and allow you to dry out clothes that are hanging on racks in a single afternoon. There are plenty of options to choose from, but they all do largely the same thing.

Soft-Closing Cabinets

Your life in the kitchen will be made that much easier once you’ve gotten some soft-closing hinges. Once they’re installed, you can slam away without fear that you’ll break anything.


Installing cameras in the porch, hallway, and a few select rooms is easy. Wireless technology has come to a point where threading cables through your home makes less sense than ever. Monitor your system through your phone, wherever you are in the world: what could make more sense?

Front Door

If your home generates that much-vaunted ‘curb appeal,’ then it’ll need a suitably attractive front door. In some cases, you can do a great deal with just a few coats of paint; in others, replacing the entire door might be worthwhile.

Installing A Skylight

If you’ve got a spot in your home where a window isn’t practical, then a skylight makes a brilliant means of getting natural light in. They’re less expensive than you might think, and they’ll save you the money you’d have spent on artificial light, too.

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