How To Use A Tap And Die Set


A tap and die set are used to make screw threads through tapping and threading. A tap is used to cut the nut while a die cuts the bolt. They can also be used together to clean the thread in a process known as chasing, Damian from Damian Mcevoy plumbing says they use this technique for hot water heater repairs and every day general plumbing tasks.

  1. Determine The Thread

Tap And Die Set

First, you need to find out the number of threads per inch. This helps determine which set to use. You can use a gauge system to calculate the total threads per inch. With these readings, you can now choose the settings to use. Go through reviews on trusted platforms to determine the best tap and die set that fits needs. Use the right wrench to guide and hold the die. Whether making new or old threads, they should be equal to improve their quality.

  1. Choose The Right Tools

Irwin Hanson Tap And Die Set

Before you attempt to cut threads, get the right tools. A tap and die set that matches would be ideal. These tools come with calibrations and standard measurements. To use the right tools, match the size of the die and tap. Your tools should be strong enough to hold your pieces together. Most tap and die sets are made of steel. For lighter duties, use carbon and tool steel. For tougher jobs, use high-speed steel. The right tools ensure the set and the item being drilled do not break in the middle of the job. It also increases accuracy and efficiency.

  1. Create New Threads

Neiko 00912A Tap And Die Set

While creating a new thread, set the bolt in place and a wrench on it and turn. The die will move and create the threads after each turn. With each turn, you will feel the bolt tighten. When making threads pour cutting oil on the set. This oil reduces sparks and heat produced when making threads on another metal. It also extends the life of the set as it prevents rusting on both metal and wood pieces. Once complete, the bolt will move to the top of the die. To create perfect threads, consider backing the die out after a few turns. This helps you make clear cuts and the die cuts better.

  1. Rethreading

Gino 0554 Tap And Die Set

Rethreading might be easy when most of the threads are intact but can prove a little hard if that is not the case. With only a few threads out of place, use a similar gauge to the one used previously. If the threads are irreparable, use a larger gauge set. This will increase the hole size and, in return, create room for new threads. The set used should be strategically placed to ensure you cut out a straight thread on the right space without ruining it further. The process might be impossible if there is no extra space on the product to use without damaging it. If you are a first time user, rethreading might not be an activity for you.

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  1. Hey Himanshu,
    I have gone through the article and enjoyed the video. I appreciate your simple but effective 3 steps tap and die set uses guidelines. I hope it will be very helpful for the user to do the job properly.
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  2. Thank you for making rethreading easier to understand. My husband is trying to rethread but he hasn’t bought his tap and die set yet. I will share with him this article so that he knows more about the process and hopefully he can succeed in his first attempt at rethreading.


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