How To Use Linesman Pliers for Woodworking Beginners?


The modern world has taught us many useful things for our daily use. We utilize electronic items and products to make our life more comfortable. However, these electronic items make our life comfortable; they will annoy us when damaged.

On the other hand, we should also know the handy crafts in handling the tools of electric and hardware. So here we are going to teach you how to use the lineman pliers for beginners in woodworking. If you struggle to use the lineman pliers, this guideline will help you to use them in any situation. Following are the guidelines to operate linesman pliers for woodworking beginners:

  1. Connecting Electrical Wires

Plier for Connecting Electrical Wires

First, make the section firm where you want to cut the wire by using the nose of the pliers. Next, gently bend the wire to a right angle till it splits. Finally, lock the wire between the cutting edges and squeeze it by giving pressure on the handle grip of the pliers.

Likewise, you can repeat the same process with other wires. Then, you can connect the copper ends of the wire by placing them together and screwing the wires using the plier. If you are working with live wires, do not forget to wear shoes to insulate your body from electricity.

  1. Straighten and Bend Wires, Sheet Metal, and Cables

Plier for Straighten and Bend Wires

The lineman pliers are a user-friendly tool to bend or to straighten the wires and sheet metals. First, using the nose of the pliers, hold tight in the place where you want to bend the wires or cables. Then, tilt the angle of the straight plier to 90 degrees.

Yes, you have your wire bent to serve your connectivity. In other cases, you have to straighten the wires and cables. It is just a piece of cake. To straighten the bent wires and cables, place the nose of the plier on the bent surface. After placing it, give a hard crash over the wires and cables by using the handle grip of the plier.

  1. Cut the Metal Objects

Piler for Cut the Metal Objects

Sometimes, we will be in a situation to cut some metals like screws and nails. Yeah, while nailing the wood blocks or plywood, we need some adjustments in the length of the screws and nails. But, it is easy. By using the pliers, you can cut and adjust the size of the nails and screws.

All you have to do is, place the nail or the screw on the cutting edge of the pliers. Then, with your tight muscle and force, give the necessary pressure on the handle of the plier to cut the screw and nail. While working with the woodworks, you can utilize the best folding saw to carve and reshape your works.

  1. Remove the Nails and Screw

The Best Lineman Pliers

In certain cases, while working with the wood, we might nail the nails and screw them in the wrong place. Sometimes in the wrong measure, we would nail it—nothing to get worried about. So we have our handy friend, the plier.

On the nail’s head, place the plier’s nose and hold it tight using the plier handle. Then with a sudden force or pull, take off the nail or the screw. Do not forget to use the best lineman pliers for woodworking and electrical works.

We have considered sufficient guidelines for a beginner to use the lineman pliers for woodworking. Above all, use all the safety measures while working.

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