How to Work With Interior Designer to Design Your Dream Home


You can build a dream home by learning how to communicate best your vision to the interior designer.

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There is something very exciting about making new home. With this excitement comes the great responsibility of making wise decisions which will affect your home and inhabitants for the years. Now how can you get best for your new home or when you remodel your home? You need to have a design which can stand test of time. The new home design must be such that it is flexible enough to incorporate any unforeseen changes. There is need of effective communication of your home wish list with the interior designer or the architect to make a plan which works well for now and years to come.

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Interior designer material boardFirst you must create a wish list. You can make a wish list of things that you desire to have in your home. This wish list provides the specific program to interior designer to begin job as well as is collaboration between two. Things like window placement, number of rooms, types of wardrobe, style of home, etc. has to be communicated to interior designer. You must get yourself involved in every facet of building your home, and you must too have information and closer you will be to your dream home.

After your wish list its time for reality check. You need to understand your space and make a budget. This means you have to understand your priorities.

residential design conceptsSearching information through internet and saving those picture files and making a binder or folder is great idea. But you must give it to interior designer to make it real in kind of space and budget that you have. You just explain and show your wish in a way you understand and interior designer job is to understand and translate the essence of wish list.

At times there is no easy way to decide what you must have and what is not necessary. Only you decide what is essential but take in considerations of the interior designer who will give you the pros and cons and help you make an informed decision.

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Lifestyle is another thing which must be taken in consideration. Children and pets require some choices  to be made such as not having a glass sculpture in foyer and having no rough edges in home.

Just take in your heart’s consideration and let the interior designer translate your vision of dream home into reality.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Maybe I can use this as my guidelines on how to deal with the interior designer. Because I am planning to buy a new house and this will be my first time. It was a big help!

  2. Recommended ideas would be really great in creating a list of all of the ways you’d want to apply it and decorate your house. Most essential would be to make sure that it reflects your very own style and suits your budget.


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