How Waste Bin Rental In Mississauga Helps Manage Renovation Waste


Waste Bin

Are you planning to make some necessary repairs or remodeling to your property? If so, it’s worth considering hiring a waste bin rental service to help manage your renovation or construction waste. Examples include bricks, concrete, wood, tiles, asphalt, stones, adhesives, sealants, metals, packaging, and plastic waste.

Dumpster, waste, or skip bin rental services provide large metal containers for property owners to store and remove renovation waste. When a waste bin is full and ready to go, property owners can call the skip bin company, and the crew will pick up and dispose of the contents of the loaded bins.

If you want more information, learn how waste bin rental in Mississauga helps manage renovation waste below.

  1. Takes Care Of Temporary Rubbish Storage

Before the renovation or construction commences, contractors and property owners can request the appropriate dumpster size from the skip bin rental company. They can choose from dumpster sizes ranging from three to 12 cubic meters. Hence, a waste bin rental can accommodate any size of a renovation project, from a one-room to an entire building remodel.

A waste bin rental in Mississauga or one from your locality can deliver the skip bins quickly to your property. In that way, you can plan the workflow, ensure everyone’s safety, and set everything with the help of your contractor and workers.

  1. Provides Expert Advice On Proper Sizing Requirements

Dumpster or bin sizing requirements differ from one project to another. Generally, you’ll need a larger skin bin for a major renovation project. To help you decide on the dumpster size you’ll need, a good point of reference is to determine the number of wheelie bins necessary for all the renovation waste.

Wheelie bins are large containers with wheels that temporarily store garbage until garbage collectors dispose of the contents. Think of wheelie bins as the smaller version of dumpsters.

For your reference, a three-cubic meter dumpster can accommodate the contents of eight wheelie bins. On the other hand, a seven-cubic meter bin can fit about 24 wheelie bins. Sometimes it’s hard to determine the number of wheelie bins for a renovation project because of large-sized items. But there are helpful guidelines to help you, such as the following:

  • Proper Bin Sizing For Bathroom Renovation

Waste Bin

A bathroom renovation project requires a 3-cubic meter waste bin. This container is big enough to store an old bathtub and packaging materials for new bathroom fixtures.

  • Proper Bin Sizing For Kitchen Renovation

For a kitchen renovation project, the skip bin sizing requirement doesn’t differ much from that of a bathroom renovation. You have to choose one slightly bigger because of the size of the old dishwasher, stove, fridge, and other appliances you need to put into the dumpster. Therefore, choosing a three to five-cubic meter-sized waste bin is ideal.

  1. Timely Collection Of Filled Dumpsters

Property owners can save effort, time, and money by removing renovation waste in their yard after the project. The waste bin rental will take care of on-time pickup and disposal so you can resume your usual routine in your newly renovated home or commercial building.

Most skip bin rental companies allow property owners to rent their dumpsters for one to two weeks. However, you can request to extend the timeframe. A reputable skip bin hire can accommodate such requests with prior notice and arrangements. Expect an extra charge for every extension request.

Waste bin rental companies collect the filled dumpsters and deliver them to a waste transfer station. Subsequently, the facility sorts the construction waste, separating the recyclables from non-recyclables. Most reputable service providers ensure they practice proper waste management, as discussed in the next subheading.

  1. Ensures Proper Renovation Waste Management

Waste bin rental means renovation waste doesn’t go straight to landfills. About two-thirds of the skip bin contents are recyclable and go to recycling centers. On the other hand, the others are non-recyclable and are processed in waste disposal facilities.

Some examples of recyclable construction or renovation waste include bricks, cement, stones, tiles, timber, metals, and glass. You can recycle bricks as stepping stones or decorative elements for landscape gardens. Stones and cement can be used as heavy-duty in-fill materials for roads and building foundations.

Choosing an environmentally conscious waste bin rental provider can help reduce the amount of renovation waste that goes to landfills.


If you reside in Mississauga, you can hire the services of a local dumpster rental company to take care of your renovation waste. Choose one with a good business reputation by checking reviews, credentials, and years of experience. Don’t hesitate to ask questions regarding their inclusive services, pricing, insurance, etc.

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