How Water Damage Can Destroy Your Home Value


Water Damage In House After Flooding With Stains On The Wall

Many homeowners don’t even realize that water damage is taking place until days or weeks after a sewer line has been damaged. Here is a closer look at just four of the ways that water damage can destroy your home’s value and why it is so important to contact an experienced plumber the moment that you notice any of the signs of a leak.


One of the biggest problems with standing water or moisture in a home is the development of mold in the basement, crawlspaces, and attic. Mold spores can cause a variety of health issues, including eye irritation, nausea, a sore throat, and congestion. Before selling a home, many realtors and home inspectors will look for mold as a sign of damaged pipes.

Slab Leaks

A slab leak is an industry term that is used to describe any damage to a sewer line below the foundation of a home that requires immediate attention from a plumber. Slab leaks can take place due to old pipes, frozen water in the pipes, roots from a nearby tree, or a severe clog. Homeowners will generally notice that a slab leak has taken place when they hear running water in their basement or notice the smell of sewage in their home.


In addition to structural damage, standing water will also increase your risk of a pest infestation. Animals such as mice, rats, and even cockroaches will immediately begin to look for a water source after entering a home. Once they have found a consistent water source, they will then create a nest or colony. Even after the plumbing has been repaired and the pests have been removed, your home might still have lost some of its value if there are any signs of an old infestation.

Lawn Damage

Finally, your home will also depreciate if a damaged sewer line begins to kill off your lawn, plants, or trees. One common sign of a cracked sewer line is a lush patch of grass, but the excess water will eventually kill off nearby plants. Homeowners might find themselves dealing with large areas of mud, a dead lawn, and rotting trees. Bishop Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling and similar companies can help you resolve any problems with damaged sewer lines.

Your home losing value is just one of the reasons that you should contact a plumber if you have noticed any of the signs of a damaged sewer line or water pipe.

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