How Well Designed Office Furniture Can Improve Employee Performance


As adults, we spend most of our days doing two things: sleeping and working. Yet while we go out of our way to ensure we are comfortable every night, in the workplace, we spare little thought to our office furniture choices.

This problem stems from the belief that office furniture is a matter of necessity. That work-related products only need to carry out a functional purpose. Rarely do we spare the time to assess the impact, right, or wrong office furniture accurately can have on an employee.

So what can you do?

Here Are Some Top Office Furniture Tips You Must Consider:

  1. Invest In Furniture That Is Adaptable To Your Employee’s Need

Office Chairs

Place an employee in a rigid, stiff, and barely padded seat for eight hours a day. Eventually, it will impact their productivity, as they’ll be too distracted and uncomfortable to work. And in the long run, this could lead to back injuries and even the need for physiotherapy. That is why you must invest in adaptable furniture, such as the following:- Chairs with adjustable arms and heights. Note: Integrated footrests can allow employees to rest their feet and prevent aches.

    • Sliding Seats
    • Adjustable Desks That Can Be Modified To Each Employee
  1. Make Positive Associations

Office Table

If your employees associate their office with discomfort, then they’ll be reluctant to spend long periods there and will look for reasons to escape. In the long run, this can trigger a loss in motivation and efficiency. Instead, strive to make their desk somewhere where they feel at ease. This can be achieved by eliminating negative distractions and things within their peripheral view that will hinder their focus.

  1. Look For Ineffective Equipment

Office Chairs

Poor office furniture choices are just part of many things that can affect your staff’s well-being. Keyboards and mouse rest, for instance, are notorious for having a lasting negative effect on your physical health due to their involvement in repetitive tasks. Similarly, a poorly designed desk can cause employees to unnecessarily and awkwardly stretch to reach documents, causing harm to their backs. For this reason, invest in multiple purpose desks that include storage, integrated shelves/drawers, and are designed to keep all of their equipment within easy reach.

  1. Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Office

Office Interior Design

While your office furniture choices must be designed with comfort in mind, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. Brightly colored chairs can act as visual stimuli to your employees. At the same time, breaking up the monotony of your furniture can make a real difference. Many offices adopt the approach of using different furniture for different spaces, i.e., boardrooms, office space, relaxation zones, etc. A great tip for this is purchasing sofas for staff to use during their breaks, as this will allow them to relax and chat with others.

  1. Avoid Matching Furniture To Your Brand Identity

Office Furniture Design

While this may be good for your corporate image, this doesn’t necessarily mean the furniture is right for your employees. Base your furniture choices on them as individuals and avoid the one-size-fits-all metric.

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