How Would The Hottest Décor Trends Look In The Simpsons’ House?


Some things in life a certain: death, taxes, and the position of the stains on the Simpsons’ carpets.

But there are plenty of things you can change if you put your mind to it. Updating your home décor now and then is a great way to keep up with the times (if not the Joneses) and stay ahead of America’s real ‘first family.’

The folks at Angie’s List are on hand to help. They’ve created a beautiful new set of images of how The Simpsons house would look in 2019 (if the cartoon family had an ounce of interior design knowledge).

Let’s have a look, room by room.


Simpsons’ Kitchen Interior

The first thing you may think of that makes 2019 different from 1989 (when The Simpsons were originally designed) is the technology. Our cartoon friends’ smart kitchen, therefore, features a digital backsplash so you can watch Kent’s Kitchen (with Kent Brockman!) while you chop.

Living Room

Simpsons Living Room Design

The Simpsons’ living room has been given a bit of a glam overhaul: brass elements, abstract art, and even a chandelier brighten the place up at long last. And for ‘him indoors’? Nobody needs a telephone table anymore, so Homer now has a sophisticated drinks trolley for his, uh, cans of Duff. 

Marge And Homer’s Bedroom

Marge And Homer’s Bedroom

This chic new adult bedroom is hardly cartoon material, but then again, would you be able to fall asleep in the brightly colored original? Neutral tones and the industrial look (red brick, concrete walls, reclaimed wood) bring the snuggling room bang up to date.


Simpsons Bathroom Design

The Simpsons’ original bathroom looks pretty lovely when rendered like this. All the same, it remains very nineties. Angie’s List has given it a Scandi chic update because who doesn’t deserve the spa treatment at the end of this long, long decade?

Lisa’s Bedroom

Lisa’s Bedroom

“Springfield’s answer to Greta Thunberg” has opted for the biophilia look in her makeover bedroom. Walls of moss, copious diverse pot plants, and big open windows create an airy natural feeling, so the brainiest (and feelest) Simpson can concentrate on saving the planet.

Maggie’s Nursery

Maggie’s Nursery

Despite briefly experimenting with Uncle Herb’s baby translator device, Maggie remains a mystery among the Simpsons. But we know she has a sense of adventure, a unique gender non-prescriptive theme for a 21st-century baby’s room.

Bart’s Bedroom

Bart’s Bedroom

Bart has appropriated the retro 80s ‘Memphis style’ for his room, keeping with Marge’s fashionable cooler tones and Homer’s updated boudoir. This Italian design and architecture style optimizes colorful plastic laminate, so we hope it’s been done sustainably! Pop art prints hint at Bart’s sense of humor and mischievousness.

Which updated Simpson’s room? Do you find the most inspiring?

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