How You Can Give an Antique Look to Your Modern House!


How You Can Give an Antique Look to Your Modern House

Nowadays, it is a trend to decorate houses with antique furniture and give them a retro look. Rare Antiques are the most popular items that usually work for home decoration. The best upkeep is necessary for antique items because of their high value. The care and upkeep of the antique item should therefore be considered when you exhibit it in your house or place of business. The interior designers are charging a lot for the same. If you love an antique kind of appearance and want to renovate your modern house without losing many bucks from your pocket, this article is perfectly suitable for you.

Here I will give you a few tips and ideas to modernize your home sweet home with vintage furniture. The commodities which I am mentioning are inexpensive, unique, eye-catcher, as well as nostalgic. Some of the items you also can easily make/convert by yourself. Let’s start a journey to ancient times…

First Thing First:

Let’s start with the doors. By painting your doors with some white, yellow, light green, or light blue colors, you immediately feel the older look. If you don’t want to color or re-paint your doors, you can re-polish them with dark brown or vintage black solutions. It’s cheap as well as catchy!

Welcome Your Guests:

Now, let’s enter the house. When someone enters, the very first noticeable thing is the shoe rack or coat/umbrella stand. Try to use old ladders for this purpose. It is the best idea for hanging umbrellas and coats. Even the ladder is preferable for your heels. You can easily showcase your collection by handing your colorful heels on each step of the ladder.

Lively Living:

For the drawing-room, I suggest that first of all you should change/convert your curtains and carpets if you want to give some oldies effects. Try some Persian carpets or some Tibetan curtains. These small changes will not only give a nostalgic look but will also make your living room lively with some bright colors.

You can buy some 19th-century paintings or old sculptures or some grandfather’s clock and keep them in your living room. The grandfather clock is a big standing wooden clock with a big dial and a long pendulum. It is rare and catchy! You can create your own art too, as it will add ‘feel.’ You can go to the ‘Flea Market’ and find much interesting stuff for your house. The flea market’s main advantage is that sometimes you may get many extraordinary items at the minimum cost.

One another tip I want to give is; try to keep tribal cushion covers. If you don’t want to give a traditional look, keep all cushion covers in different colors. Another option is to have some retro lanterns, which you can either put on the side table or hang on the main wall. You can also replace lanterns with some vintage lamps.

Divine Dining:

My suggestion for the dining area is quite simple. You can buy some retro chairs and a rectangular/round dining table. Candles on the shelves look awesome in the area of dining. You also may have some plates, glasses, and other vessels from the flea market. Even you can do the combination of both – the candles and the lamp with yellow lights. It can give an authentic look.

Bedroom Decorations:

For the bedroom, I have few extraordinary tips. If you make few small changes in your bedroom, you can make a big difference. First of all, call your grandmother. Yes, she can give you the best vintage tips. I have asked my grandmother once. I remember that she has suggested putting calm colors on the wall. You can use more than two colors also.

The traditional library is also one of the best options for the bedroom. You can use old trunks as your side tables. You should go for some cloth embroideries and hang them on the wall with the embroidery rings for wall decorations! You can buy some vintage typewriters or old telephones for your study area! You should go for framed mirrors for the bathroom, a frame that is converted into a mirror!


Besides the above things, you can also add some log boxes, tins, old keys, gramophones, etc., in the form of your decorations. If you have a garden, you can use some tires for plantation and sitting purposes. Apart from all this stuff, there are many 3D stickers available online; you can use such things to give an antique look to your modern house!

I hope you find this article interesting as well as useful. I hope you apply some of the tips and get plenty of appreciation from your loved ones. Change is a part of life, and some changes can make your small world beautiful.

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  1. My aunt wants to give her home a more vintage look, but she’s not sure where to start. Your suggestion of getting a couple of antique pieces of furniture is a great idea. I should share this with her so she could start looking for some around her area!


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