How You Can Renovate Your Garage In 4 Simple Steps (DIY)


Garage Makeover

A garage is one of the most important facilities you should look out for before you get home, and that’s because of the benefits a garage offers. A garage offers your vehicle safety from weather elements such as rain and snow, and a garage reduces the risk of your vehicle being stolen or vandalized.

However, the chances are that junk won’t stop piling in your garage, and you want a refresh. That’s the whole purpose of a complete garage makeover DIY style. And what’s so special about a DIY style complete garage makeover? You get to choose the items that suit your taste, and you get to arrange them to suit your preference in your way. So briefly, we will consider four steps to complete a garage makeover.  Ready? Let’s dive in.

  1. Sort Out The Junk

You have accumulated a lot of junk and unnecessary luggage in your garage. Some of those junk could be shopping boxes from the previous holidays or outdated gardening equipment. But the best approach here is to move out all the junk in your garage into an open space which could be your lawn. This would expose the floor of your garage and prepare it for floor coating. You may also decide to donate some of the items in your garage which you no longer need.

  1. Outline The Changes

With the junk disposed of, it’s time to inspect your garage and outline the things you want to change. Some changes in a complete garage makeover would generally include garage renovation tips such as removing floor fixtures, replacing floor cover plates, and changing the garage door locks.

  1. Change The Floor Coating

A DIY style for your complete garage makeover means you get to apply the garage floor coatings yourself instead of hiring a professional. It is advisable that you watch online tutorials and do your research before purchasing the DIY kits you need for the ground floor coatings. And when you get the kits, you can proceed to paint the floor. This should normally last between 2 to 5 days. However, an extra day may be required for surface renovation before coating if there is extensive surface damage.

  1. Create More Space

Garage Renovation

A garage littered with equipment tends to turn you off as often as you enter your garage. And that’s why one of the most important steps for a complete garage makeover DIY style is that you create more space. More storage space affords you the opportunity to properly stack your gardening equipment and every other thing you store in your garage. You can create more space by building and installing storage cabinets that can be locked for security purposes. Storage cabinets will accommodate paint cans, chairs, and other sparingly used items in your garage.

When you have followed these four steps, then you can move all your stuff back inside your garage and admire the beauty that comes with garage renovation.

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