How Your House On A Lake Can Be Considered Both A Home, And An Asset


Having one of the most prestigious premium modern homes is a special thing. Owning one with the added luxury of a lakefront view is priceless.

There is nothing like your very own lakefront property. If only there were one of the most sought-after Mount Waverley houses for sale that could boast such a treasured element.

Luckily, there is!

Sienna Mt Waverley has given birth to a special selection of uniquely designed homes that provide you the rare gift of a lakefront view.

It’s not just the grand scale of these premium properties or their luxurious liveability that makes them an outstanding choice amongst the highly regarded real estate of Mt Waverley. It is the way the architectural design brings together a wealth of inspiration to create a truly breathtaking home.

Imagine looking out across a lush panorama and over a pristine expanse of water. This is the ideal of how a view should be, and it is all part of the art of living at Sienna Mt Waverley.

What Is It About A View Of A Lake That Is So Precious?

View Of A Lake Home

There are many reasons why a property with a lakefront view is the envy of homeowners.

Firstly, there is the undeniable and intrinsic yearning to be beside the water. The calming effect and tranquillity that it brings to anyone fortunate enough to capture a view of the water are undeniable.

There are several health benefits to being near the water, and these are multiplied when you have the privilege to live beside it.

To have the chance to wake to a view of the water, to entertain with that picture-perfect backdrop, and to watch the sunlight fade upon it is a priceless pleasure.

How Much Is A Lakefront View Worth In Real Estate?

Lakefront View

It’s often difficult to put a price on how much added value there is in a home with views of a lake. That is made harder when the house is already a modern premium property as part of an award-winning residential oasis.

The thumb rule is that any home with an unobstructed view of open space or a park usually sells for 5 to 10% more.

This percentage increases significantly when that view is one of the water. Here is where a lakeside property becomes more than a home; it transforms into an invaluable asset.

Any home with a view of a lake or the water has undeniable longevity to its appeal. The demand for such an ideally situated home only increases as that lifestyle opportunity becomes all the rarer.

It’s not difficult to see why two identical pieces of real estate in Mt Waverley would be worth drastically different amounts if one were afforded the gift of its lakefront view.

To have such a coveted view with the array of advantages that Sienna Mt Waverley offers is to be the source of understandable envy.

Waterfront locations have always been high in demand, but none more so than in Melbourne’s ever-expanding growth. Finding Mount Waverley houses for sale are a scarcity at the best of times. To purchase a waterfront home with all the associated health and wellbeing benefits that come with living by the water is rarer still.

That is why the individual design and luxurious appointments of a home at Sienna Mt Waverley take waterfront living to a whole new level.

You will experience the joy of this special living while knowing that you have a treasured asset for years to come.

Why Lakeside Beats The Seaside

Why Lakeside Beats The Seaside

As it has been proven over again, there is a distinct advantage to living by the water. There is also an added benefit to living by the lake rather than by the sea.

It is often overlooked or easily forgotten that seaside locations are often subject to a prevailing onshore breeze. This can clearly can hamper efforts to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle. There is the added risk of storm damage to beachfront property. A seaside property with even the best-intentioned layout and orientation can mean the wind is blowing across their outdoor living area and into the house itself.

A lakeside property has no constant risk of onshore ocean winds but rather slowly mesmerizes the viewer with its mirroring of the surroundings or transfixes with its trademark ripple effects.

There is only one prime piece of real estate in Mt Waverley that can boast such a coveted location culminating in luxury living with lush parkland and a pristine lake at your doorstep.

That’s the beauty of Sienna Mt Waverley. It truly is the perfect mix of unique design and styling features, with lavish spacious living all bathed in natural light.

The location in itself offers more than merely a majestic setting. Here is where you will find both beauty and safety with the connectivity to all the amenities you could ever need.

That’s why Brighton Tower condos for sale is one of the most sought-after prizes on the Melbourne real estate market.

To have that prized possession with all the qualities and charms of your very own exclusively designed home with the wonder of lakefront views is nothing short of momentous.

A Lifestyle For Today And Each Tomorrow

House On A Lake Can Be Considered Both A Home, And An Asset

A lakeside location has both widespread and long-term appeal, attracting those who know the exceptional value that such a lifestyle brings.

Living the life you have always wanted is not as far away as you may think.

Choosing to live at Mount Waverley’s award-winning destination is a life-changing event. This is where luxury becomes part of your everyday living.

Imagine life by the lakefront with intuitive architectural design all around you.

At Sienna Mt Waverley, you no longer have to use your imagination.

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