How Your Mattress May Be Jeopardizing You Sleep And Health


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One of the most vital elements of your well-being is sleep. Poor quality of sleep may affect your alertness, stress you out, make you irritable and affect the quality of your interaction with others. You may feel tired, your body may ache, and you may be prone to some chronic illnesses, allergies, and even weight gain. If your sleep’s quality and duration are being compromised, it is most likely due to your mattress. Some common consequences of sleeping on a mattress that has outlived its utility:

  1. Allergies

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It is widespread for old mattresses to be infested with dust mites and bed bugs. A bite by a bed bug can not only cause a painful rash but also trigger an allergy. Dust mites that feed off the dead cells shed by your body can also lead to skin issues like eczema and respiratory problems; you may get off with a sore throat, but there is a chance of your lungs getting damaged as well. A long-term solution can only be found in replacing the mattress every 6-8 years, even if the mattress seems to be structurally fine.

  1. Back Pain

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Back pain is one of the most common outcomes of sleeping on a mattress that is old. The reason is that old mattresses tend to lose their support and sag. This translates to the spine not being properly aligned and the back muscles are coming under strain, trying to compensate for it. It is also a common fallacy to think that the harder the mattress, the better it is for back pain; the best surfaces are medium-firm. Refer to real mattress reviews to know the pros and cons of different types and brands of mattresses. At Free Your Spine, you can get the best mattresses for back pain.

  1. Snoring

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Sleeping on an old mattress that does not offer proper support is a principal cause of snoring. The reason is that lack of proper support results in your air passages coming under stress. Snoring can be more dangerous than people normally assume because the momentary stopping of the breathing process can sometimes be fatal.

  1. Obesity

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When you are deprived of sleep, there is a tendency to overeat or resort to binge-eating. A faulty eating pattern over some time can lead to substantial weight gain. Snacking because you cannot sleep at night due to a poor quality mattress can be a terrible idea.

  1. Weakened Immunity

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If you cannot get the quality of sleep you should be due to an old mattress not giving you the desired support; you will be exhausted and prone to infections ranging from common colds to more severe ones.


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Sleeping on a mattress that has become old can lead to several health problems, right from physical exhaustion and back pain to reduced immunity, obesity, and even snoring and heart attacks. Replacing your mattress with a new one periodically and putting the electric mattress pad on it can potentially save you from a lot of problems.

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