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Do you own an HVAC company? If so, you must be aware of the fierce competitiveness of the industry. The best way to outrank your competitors is by increasing your organic visibility on search engines.

There are certain areas where HVAC firms show weaknesses in SEO. Fortunately, there are numerous companies like proven marketing now SEO services, providing city page dominance.

The following SEM guide may be of assistance.

Select The Right Keywords

The primary step to take as part of this SEM guide for HVAC firms is selecting the right keywords. These companies should start the process by creating a list of words describing their services. For instance, the list can include words like “HVAC services,” “heating,” “air conditioning,” “residential HVAC services,” etc. After you compile a decent list of keywords, you’re recommended to set up an account with Google AdWords, which is free of charge.

Moreover, this account provides access to a helpful tool, the Google Keyword Planner, allowing users to input the keywords they’ve picked to check the amount of traffic they drive. Also, this tool provides suggestions for similar keywords, which aren’t included on your list. Keywords are grouped into two main categories, buying intent and research intent.

Local HVAC SEO campaigns should focus mainly on buying intent keywords, as these offer the most rapid results. Individuals searching for such keywords are looking to hire HVAC services as soon as possible. For example, people searching for “AC repair Los Angeles” probably deal with a broken AC and need to have it repaired immediately. Buying intent keywords shouldn’t be just featured on your homepage but also on service pages.

On the other hand, research intent keywords indicate that prospects are only shopping around, having no intention to use HVAC services at the moment. They would probably use them at some point in the future, but now their focus is placed on research. For instance, when a person is searching for the “best AC model,” he/she is probably considering an upgrade of his/her current unit, thus researching the possible options.

Furthermore, phrases with research intent are of lower priority, as the process of driving conversions takes longer. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t discourage you from using them, as they are ideal for blogs and FAQs. Posts containing such words will introduce you to prospects who are likely to contact you later. Check out some helpful tips for writing a blog post.

One of the most frequent mistakes made by HVAC firms is featuring their keywords only on their homepages. Anyhow, instead of optimizing your homepage for ten to twenty words, you should create ten to twenty web pages to devote to your leading services. Selecting the best words is done after carefully considering multiple factors, such as their volume, relevance, and competitiveness.

Use A Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Another handy tip in this SEM guide is for HVAC firms to introduce a mobile-friendly web design if they haven’t taken this step yet. Given the largest part of mobile searches have local intent, it’s crucial for your site to meet all the requirements of mobile friendliness. It’s an essential ranking factor for search engines, helping businesses outrank their competitors.

There are some techniques for maximizing mobile friendliness, such as replacing PDF brochures with HTML web pages, as the former is hard to read on a mobile. The inquiry forms are supposed to be simple, while the fields are big enough for entering information easily. You are also expected to keep paragraphs short and have a phone icon at the top of the page with a click-to-call function.

Speed Up Page Loading Speed

Another crucial ranking factor is page loading speed, which is often overlooked by HVAC firms. Page loading is usually slowed down by inferior web hosting, low-quality web image storage, retrieval, server issues, etc.

Make sure to conduct an SEO audit on your site to identify all technical issues. These problems are usually easy to repair but have a huge impact on SEO performance.

Final Word

HVAC firms should target their audiences by using the best keywords, improving their mobile friendliness and page loadings speed!

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