HVAC Systems: How To Decorate Around Them


You don’t need to hide your HVAC, put your decorating talents, use a mix of stone blocks, plants, cobblestones, even broken tiles to create a path away from your HVAC System. This requires the most work, but it also grants the deepest immersion. Here are a few smart ways how.

By now, you’re all probably getting pretty good at decorating your homes. Colors are on point: ornaments, divine. Your furniture is exactly where they should each be, like a perfectly solved jigsaw puzzle. Your house looks sharp, stunning, and very sophisticated, much like a man or woman in a business suit.

But wait. What’s that? Why are they wearing flip-flops? What a way to break the aesthetic. HVAC systems are the flip flops of houses. While they do serve essential functions, they stand out from the rest of your beautifully-decorated yard like a stain on white clothing.

But worry not, while there isn’t a solution to wearing flip-flops with a business suit other than to replace them with more appropriate footwear, HVAC systems are a different story. And no, you don’t have to paint over them (because that would be bad as the fumes from the paint will circulate throughout your house) or get ones that look pretty good, like the ones from Northwest Mechanical. You can conceal them. Here are a few clever ways how:

1. Fence It


Yes, that’s right. If your AC is located in the corner of the area, you can build a fence around it, maybe even build a wooden box over it to make it look like a wooden ottoman. Wood is highly recommended if you want to give off that Summer-y vibe.

2. Enclose It

Enclose It With A Stand-Up Divider

Water heaters are unsightly. Not only that, but they also take up a lot of space. So, to keep the aesthetic of your room, you can enclose it with a stand-up divider. For the best results, you can even paint the dividers to match the color of your walls.

3. Plant Around It

Plant Around HVAC

If you’re not too comfy with building a box around your air conditioning unit, and if by chance, you already have a garden nearby, you can add plants that grow vertically like, say, beans. While this isn’t an immediate solution, the plants will grow over time, and they will eventually conceal your AC unit. Just make sure that they don’t block the vents as these generate a lot of heat.

4. Use Tall Vegetation

Tall Vegetation

Like the previous example, this requires some planting and even more time for your vegetation to grow. But, alternately, you can arrange tall plants to surround your air conditioning unit. Additionally, you can play around with the type of plants you plant around your unit. If you want to go for an Asian Aesthetic, then bamboo shoots are the way to go.

5. Classic Misdirection

Decorating Pathways

Sometimes, you don’t exactly have to hide your AC; rather, you simply have to shift focus away from it. You can do this by building a pathway. Put your decorating talents to full use. Use a mix of stone blocks, plants, cobblestones, even broken tiles to create a path away from your AC unit. This requires the most work, but it also grants the deepest immersion and the best aesthetics.

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