Ideas To Organize Knife In The Kitchen

On April 12, 2019 by Preeti Shah

Knives come in tons of different shapes and sizes. They are probably the hardest to store or organize in the kitchen. A ceramic knife needs cautious organization because of its tenderness, unlike the other blades.

Among all the other utensils that you have in the kitchen, knives can be the nastiest in storage. These are remorseless tools that should be kept out of apparent reach so that you don’t accidentally run into them and cut yourself.

So, in this post, we will present some of the brilliant ideas of organizing knives in the kitchen. These ideas will help you keep these lethal tools at a safe distance.

  1. Magnetize And Hang

Magnetize And Hang

If you need the most practical and simply knife organizer, then nothing is better than a magnetic knife holder. You have to find a safe place to install the holder. It is best to mount it on the wall. Merely bring the blade closer to the magnet, and the knife will do the rest of the task.

This system is also appreciated because it is affordable, practical, and sanitary. The magnet strips are usually available at a meager price. However, this cannot give a solution for the ceramic knife because its blade will be utterly unresponsive to a magnet.

  1. Countertop And Under Cabinet

Countertop And Under Cabinet Knives Set

There are multiple ways to organize knives on a countertop. One of the most excellent ways to store the blades on a countertop is by using stainless steel racks. These have pre-defined blocks built for different sizes and type of knives.

The stainless-steel material ensures that even if you are putting wet knives, the rack will not corrode or rust. It remains sanitized plus these are incredibly durable.

Under cabinet storage is also a practical choice to make. This way, the knives will also not take extra space in a storage box or a counter. You can either purchase these knife holding blocks online or get them constructed as per your requirements.

  1. Wooden Block

Wooden Block

If you wish to add a fancy element in your kitchen and buy something elegant for knife storage, then opt for a wooden block with a lot of bamboo skewers. The bamboo skewers hold the knife rigidly.

You need to make sure that the block is in an appropriate size, especially lengthwise to dip the blade inside. You can also make a wooden box at home if you don’t wish to purchase from the market. Decide on the dimensions as per the requirement of your kitchen knives and make your knife storage box.

  1. DIY

DIY Knives Set Organization

If you like to try your hand in creating something unique for the kitchen knives then you can follow some of the simplest methods mentioned below:

  • Knife Roll: You can make a knife roll with the fabric of your choice that is thick enough to accommodate heavy blades. You can hang the cloth piece on the wall or roll it around and store in a cabinet.
  • Leather Rack: Leather fabric is readily available in the market. You can use it and sew a leather looped rack according to the dimensions of different knives in your kitchen. Be careful while measuring the frame so that the blades don’t fall through.

Other than these DIYs, you can also make your wooden box for knife storage. These projects need careful examination and skills of construction.

  1. Conventional Storage

Conventional Storage

If you have kids at home or you wish to store conventionally then bring a knife holder and organize all the blades in it. You can either keep it on the countertop or inside the cabinet.


Organizing knives is an art. You can find the simplest of the tips readily available to help you enhance your storage and organizing techniques.

While you have multiple ways to store the blades, ceramic knife is one such model that is fragile. It should be stored separately and carefully. You can wrap it in a soft fabric and put it in a cabinet where there is no heavy stuff.

Also, make sure that wherever you store the blades, they are out of kid’s reach. Even the wall hanging solutions should be done on the walls from where the fallen knife cannot cause an accident.

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